How to upload a list of Exhibitors

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If you have a large event and plan to have multiple Exhibitors managing Expo Booths, it may be easier for you to upload a file with all of them, rather than inputting them one by one.

To get started, head to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Expo and click Upload booths. If you already have added an Expo Booth, then you will see an Upload button at the top of your screen. 


Download CSV

A new pop-up will allow you to Download CSV template and Choose CSV file. We recommend selecting Download CSV template so that you can see how the data should be laid out.  


The template will have the following columns:

  • Exhibitor
  • Exhibitor email
  • Booth size
  • Priority
  • Tags

Once filled in, it should look something like this:


Tip: For more info on what the different booth settings are, check out this article.

Upload CSV

Now, on the same pop-up, click Choose CSV file and select the correct file from your documents. 


Once it has been selected, you can click on the trash can icon to remove the file or click Next to proceed with the upload. 

Managing errors

If there are any errors in the file, you will see another panel like this:


The panel will include which row the error occurs and what the error is so that you can go back into the document, correct the errors, and then click Upload again to upload the file to Hopin. 

Match the columns

Next, map the fields to make sure the columns match the different settings. Use the arrow to see additional fields and then click Continue.


Once it has been uploaded, you will see a green banner at the top of the page to say how many have been successfully added and how many were updated. 

Note: Attendees are recognised by their email address therefore if you change any booth details, or even the name of the exhibitor, within the CSV file and reupload it, the entry for that particular email address will be updated. 

Additionally, if you upload the same CSV twice, it will not create duplicate entries but will only apply any changes you have made. 

Now, if your Exhibitors will be setting up their own booths you can share these details with them. 

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