How to bulk upload registrants

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If you already have a list of registrants for your events, it may be easier for you to upload a CSV file to import them in our system. This guide explains how to upload registrants, addresses common CSV file errors, and outlines the emails that uploaded registrants will receive.

Tip: You may way want to use this feature to upload your Speakers and Moderators so they don't have to register on their own. 

Important: The bulk upload option is not available for Free, Starter and Growth plans. 
  • You can only upload registrants using a free ticket and not paid tickets. Paid tickets registrations cannot be bulk uploaded.
  • Everyone added to your event in this way will count towards your total registration count whether they attend your event or not. 
  • You can upload up to 1000 rows per file. If you have more registrations, you'll need to split them into several files.


Upload Registrants

You can do this by heading to your Event Dashboard > Registrants page and clicking Upload registrants. If some people have already registered to your event, you will instead see a list of current registrants and an Upload button in the top right corner.  

This will open a new panel where you can Download CSV template or Choose CSV file to upload. 

We recommend clicking Download CSV template to see how is best to layout the data. 

The template will have the following columns:

  • Email
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • ExternalBarcode: This field is optional and can be used to upload in-person attendees with pre-defined barcodes. System generated barcodes will be assigned if left empty.

Back within your RingCentral event, make sure you select which ticket type you would like to apply to the registrants you are uploading. Any Free ticket types that you have created can be selected from the drop down list under "Assign a ticket type."

You can then upload your CSV file to your RingCentral event via the same pop-up by clicking Choose CSV file

If you have found that you have made an error, you can delete the uploaded CSV file using the trash can icon in the corner of the upload panel.

If you are happy with your file, click Next to upload.

Next, you will see one of two different pop-ups alerting you of the emails that the registrants will receive. 

Errors when Uploading CSV Files

CSV (Comma Separated Value) is a file format that contains plain text values separated by commas.

Before uploading your CSV file, we recommend using a program like VS Code, Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac, or any text editor on your computer to look for possible formatting errors before uploading it. This will help you find mistakes you will not easily find when viewed in tabular form.

Here is how the CSV file will look when viewed in an advanced spreadsheet editor like Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, etc., please note the coma delimiters are not shown:

When opened in Notepad on Windows, or TextEdit on Mac the same CSV file looks like below, please note the coma delimiters are displayed making it easier to spot any formatting error:

Here is the list of recommendation to follow what preparing and uploading your file:

  • Always download the template (recommended) to ensure it's the most updated version of the CSV file with correct columns.
  • Ensure your CSV file has only one tab or "sheet".
  • Do not have filters applied in your CSV file.
  • There must be no empty rows in the CSV document.
  • Ensure your file doesn't exceed 1000 rows. If you have more registrations, you'll need to split them into several files.
  • Upload a CSV, not XLS / XLSX or any other format.
  • Ensure your CSV is exported as comma-separated values, not semicolon-separated values.
  • Ensure your column headers are correct: Email, FirstName, LastName, ExternalBarcode (optional).
  • Please try to keep the nomenclature of the CSV file name as simple as possible and do not leave spaces in the name of the CSV file or have any unique symbols.
  • It is recommended to upload your file manually and select "Choose File" to find the correct CSV file.
  • Be sure the text encoding for the CSV file is set as Unicode (UTF-8), if this is set to anything else you may experience issues displaying special characters.

Emails Received

If you have got all emails enabled for your event, all of the registrants on the list will receive an "Order Confirmation" email. If you have disabled this email, then your registrants will only receive an email to say that a RingCentral Events account has been made for them. 

Important: You cannot disable or edit the "an account has been created for you" email. This email is mandatory under different privacy laws and cannot be stopped. This email will only be sent to those who do not have a RingCentral Events account.

To review:

  "Order Confirmation" "An account has been created for you"
Emails enabled
Emails disabled

For more information in the automatic event emails, check out this article.


If you would like to change your email settings, you will need to click on the Customize emails link in the pop-up. 

Once you are happy with your settings, follow the same steps as above, and then click Upload Registrants.

Depending on how many registrants you are uploading, this may take some time. You will receive an email as soon as the upload is complete. The email will let you know how many registrants have been successfully uploaded, as well as any errors it has incurred. Here is an example of how this email looks like.


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