How to check in at a Kiosk

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When attending an Onsite event, you might need to perform self-check-in using a Kiosk arranged by the Organizer at various checkpoints.

An iPad will display a check-in screen, which might vary in design based on the Organizer's setup. To proceed, simply click Start or another designated button as indicated. Below is an example of how it may appear.

You can scan your QR code ticket found in the RingCentral Events App or attached to your order confirmation email. You can also search from your name by clicking Search by name

If you choose to search by name then you will be able to use the search function to find your entry. Select your name from the list displayed. 

You will be shown your details. Here, you have the flexibility to customize your badge name and change/add their registration form responses. Make the necessary adjustments and click Next.

If the Organizer requires a signature from you, you will be shown some text as well as a box for you to write your signature. Fill the box with your signature and tap Next.


That's it! If you have been able to sign in successfully you will be shown the following screen:


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