Hardware Compatibility for RingCentral Events Onsite

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This article helps answer the question: Is the hardware you have compatible with RingCentral Events Onsite?

COMPATIBILITY DISCLAIMER: Event Managers, Certified Partners and Clients may attempt to use unlisted items at their own discretion. In those instances, RingCentral Events cannot guarantee compatibility; however, those items could work even if unintended. If you would like to suggest edits or request additions to this list, please submit the feedback to support.

Integrated Printers (connect via the Organizer App on iOS)

These printers will use the Organizer App setup described in How to setup Badge Printing for an Onsite Event. Setup guides for individual hardware devices are below while the broad strokes can be found at How to Setup Hardware for On-demand Badge Printing [ILS Guide].

Zebra Printers (direct thermal badge/insert printing) – Max 2 iPads per printer

Discontinued Models – Compatibility is risky and we recommend newer models

Brother Printers (direct thermal label printing) – Max 1 iPad per printer

Discontinued Models – Compatibility is risky and we recommend newer models

Scanners (works with the iOS Organizer App only!)

Socket Mobile scanners are directly integrated with the iOS Organizer App. Some helpful links for setting up these scanners are below: 

The socket mobile scanner can be used in below screens of the iOS Organizer App: 

  • Admin mode attendee listing page
  • Scan QR page > camera should be turned off
  • Kiosk mode welcome page
  • Kiosk mode scan page > camera should be turned off
  • Segment check-in screen > camera should be turned off

For event and segment scanning

Internet Requirements for the Onsite Organizer App

Commonly Routers used with Onsite

Note: There are no specific routers required. The Internet requirements outlined below can be used with many routers.

WHY does this matter? To use on-demand badge printing, both the printer and connected check in devices need to be on the same network so they can see each other. Connecting printers will vary based on the device as described above. For Segment Scanning, devices need an internet connection to load the list of attendees and any access control that might be available. Note: Lead scanning is done via the Attendee App which attendees would troubleshoot themselves. 

IP: DHCP without a Splash (Some devices may NOT be able to connect via a splash page)

Dedicated Bandwidth: 5 mbps upload and download

NOTE on Mobile Connections: Using a mobile connection is inherently risky as we can’t be certain that the area or venue provides good service. Some buildings will only support certain carriers and certain areas may not have good coverage for any mobile service. Additionally, cell towers will be impacted as more people head to an area so as more people come to your event, a provider could reduce bandwidth for each device to an unusable state.