Which event areas are available offline on the RingCentral Events Mobile App?

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When you are accessing an event on your mobile device, you may lose signal from time to time, especially if you are walking around an onsite event. Now you can access important aspects of the event offline so you don't miss a thing. 

Note: You will need to register for the event before you have access to it offline. You must also be within the event on the mobile app to access the offline segments. You will not be able to access the event from the landing page if you are offline. 

Here are the event sections that you can expect to access offline:

  • Your QR code - you can find this code by clicking on your photo in the top left hand corner and then clicking Ticket
  • Lead retrieval - if you are an expo booth manager, you can still add and edit leads offline and the changes will sync up when you have a connection again
  • Floor plans - find the floor plans under the Explore tab within the app
  • Schedule list - you can see what is happening throughout the event under the Schedule tab
  • Speaker list - access the list of speakers at the event through the Explore tab

If you try to access an area that is not available offline, you will see a screen like this:


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