Moderators: How to moderate an event hosted on RingCentral

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Throughout an event, Organizers and Moderators possess the ability to oversee and regulate content in adherence to the event guidelines. The following actions empower Moderators and Organizers to effectively moderate an event:

  • Muting an attendee in chat, polls, and Q&A (exclusive to Organizers).
  • Blocking an attendee from the event (exclusive to Organizers).
  • Deleting chat messages (exclusive to Organizers).
  • Creating and managing Polls (accessible to Organizers and Moderators).
  • Moderating Q&A (accessible to Organizers and Moderators).
  • Permitting attendees to share audio and video (accessible to Organizers and Moderators).
  • Creating Breakout rooms (accessible to Organizers and Moderators).
  • Displaying in-session banner with a custom button (accessible to Organizers and Moderators).
  • Disabling confetti (accessible to Organizers and Moderators).

This guide covers the actions you can do as a Moderator assigned to a Session or an Expo Booth (set up as Session as a content provider).

Creating and managing Polls

Event Organizers can create and manage Polls event-wide. Speakers can create Polls event-wide if they have a Speaker Profile created. Moderators can create and manage Polls in their assigned moderated Session or Expo Booth only. 

When creating a poll, Moderators can choose when they like the Poll to get published or if they need to keep it as a draft:

  • As draft - this can only be viewed by Organizers and Moderators and can be edited and published at a later time
  • Now (default) - the poll will be published immediately
  • Schedule -  you can set the date and time you would like the poll to be published

Once the Poll is created and listed on the Polls tab, Moderators can choose to edit them as long as they have not been voted on. Publishing/unpublishing and deleting a poll is possible at any time throughout the event.

Moderating Q&A 

Organizers can enable Q&A moderation from the Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls page.

When enabled, all questions need to be approved to appear in the Q&A tab. Only event Organizers can approve and delete questions in the event-wide Q&A, while Session/Booth Moderators can approve and delete questions in their respective Session/Booth Q&A sections.

To approve a question, hover over it and click on the Approve option. 

Note: When Q&A moderation is enabled, questions posted by Organizers will also initially show as in review and will need to be approved, which the Organizer posting the question can do themself, before it's published to the event.

Allowing attendees to share audio and video 

When an attendee requests to go on-screen, the moderation toolbar button will display a red tag with the number of requests. A Moderator will need to open the moderation panel in order to see them. 

The Moderator can hover over the profile picture of an attendee they would like to add on-screen and click the "+" sign to add that attendee on-screen.

The moderator can take speakers off the session screen or remove the speaker's screen share by clicking the three dots by the speaker or screen share video and click Remove. 

Sharing a screen

Upon sharing their audio and video, Speakers can share their screen, as well as content from other platforms like Youtube, Miro or Figma if these options are enabled in the Session settings.

Assigned moderators have the capability to share content without activating their own audio and video on stage. The Share screen option will be conveniently accessible at the bottom center of the screen.

Note: In the scenario where a Moderator is both sharing content and their audio/video, they can click Stop Sharing Audio and Video to remove themselves from the screen while keeping their content visible. To fully stop sharing, they will need to click Stop sharing as well. 

Creating Breakout rooms

As a Moderator, you can also create Breakout Rooms in a Session room. This is a convenient way to divide attendees into smaller groups to organize interactive activities.

When you are within your Session, click on the moderation toolbar button in the bottom left, select Breakouts Rooms and + New breakout to create breakout rooms. 

Here is a dedicated guide where you can learn more about this functionality: How to manage Breakout Rooms in Sessions as a Moderator

Displaying in-session banner with a custom button

Another option available for Moderators within a Session is to create a call-to-action pop-up. This is normally used to encourage attendees to participate in a survey or visit a webpage. To create a call to action banner inside a Session, click on the moderation toolbar button in the bottom left of the screen and select New Session Banner

Here is a dedicated guide where you can learn more about this functionality: How to make a call to action banner in a Session or Expo Booth Session

Disabling confetti

Finally, Moderators have the ability to disable the Confetti option within the Session they are managing. Confetti is enabled by default, serving as an engagement feature that enables attendees to express appreciation by sending confetti. Attendees on screen can trigger this effect by clicking on the video tile or screen share during the session, providing a fun way to acknowledge a speaker or highlight presented data on the slides.

Note: Ensure that your confetti settings are configured according to your preferences before initiating a breakout, as these settings cannot be modified afterward. If the confetti setting is enabled before commencing breakout rooms, the confetti option will remain active within the breakout rooms. Conversely, if the setting is disabled before starting breakout rooms, the confetti option will be deactivated within the breakout rooms.

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