How to create draft Schedule segments

  • Updated

As you are confirming the Schedule for you event, you may want to set certain segments as drafts before you finalize anything. 

Before setting anything to draft, you will need to know how to create a schedule.

Creating draft Schedule segments will look a little different depending on if you choose to edit your Schedule in Calendar view or Table view. Choose an option from the drop down below to get started. 

  • Once the segment has been created, you can set it as a "Draft" so that it is not shown within your Event. To do this simply scroll to the end of the segment and click on the drop down under "Editing Status." Select Draft from the options. When set as "Draft," the segment will display as orange.

  • When creating a Schedule segment in Calendar view, a new panel will open on the right-hand side.

    At the top, select whether you would like this segment to be set as a "Draft" by simply clicking on the toggle button to turn it on or off.

    If you set it to "Draft," you will see a "Draft" label on the segment.

Note: You can change the editing status of a segment at any time when editing your schedule.