How to book a seat in an Onsite Event

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Onsite or hybrid scheduled segments may have a limited onsite capacity therefore it is important to book a seat in advance so you don't miss out! 

Tip: If the Onsite capacity is reached, you can still join a segment Virtually if it is set to Hybrid. You can check by taking a look at the tags on the schedule. If a segment is Hybrid you will see both Onsite and Virtual tags, as shown below.


Booking a Seat during the Registration

If segment registration is enabled in the registration widget in the event, you will be able to register your participation in them and reserve a seat when purchasing a ticket. After selecting a ticket, you will see all of the available segments you can join. Use the tabs at the top of the page to look at the different dates and their respective schedules. You can also use the filter function to look for specific segments.

Once you have found the segment you would like to join, click Reserve a seat. This will automatically be adding to your Agenda within the event and you will be notified when it is about to begin. 

Note: Your registration will time out if you take too long and the seats that you have reserved will become available to other Registrants. Keep an eye on the timer in the top right hand corner to see how much time you have left. 

When you are happy with the segments you have registered to, click Continue and finalize your registration.

Click the Register for sessions button in your email to access the event before it begins and start reserving your seats!

Booking a Seat on the Reception page

When you're already registered for the event, you can enter the event to review the schedule and to book a seat. Please note that accessing the Reception page before the start time is only possible when Early Access is enabled for the event. To enter the event, you can click on your personalized magic link included into the registration confirmation email. 

On the Reception page, scroll down to see the schedule for the entire event. Use the tabs to view each day's schedule, or use the search and filter functions to find specific segments. To book a seat, find a segment that you would like to join and, if it is a segment with onsite capacity, you will see a button to Reserve a seat.

Click Reserve a seat and you will be assigned a seat. Now, when you check the schedule, you will see a tag to say your seat has been booked!

This segment will also be automatically added to the My Agenda tab that you can access from the panel on the right hand side. With this, you will also receive a notification when the segment is about to begin. 

Canceling a Seat Booking

If you have changed your mind and no longer want to attend a segment that you have booked a seat for, simply click on the "x" next to where it says "seat reserved". This can be done either on the Reception page schedule, or within "My Agenda".

This will display a small pop-up asking you to confirm your decision to cancel your seat. Click Cancel reservation to confirm the seat cancellation, or choose Keep seat to keep your booking.