Setting up post-event registration

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In a multi-track event, enabling post-event registration allows new users to register for your event after it has ended, granting them access to watch recordings in the Replay area. This guide provide a quick overview of how to enable post-event Replay, and explains how to update the registration close date and create post-event tickets.

Note: You can accept new registrations for the entire time Replay is available.

Enabling post-event Replay

To get started, you must ensure your Replay area has been enabled. 

  1. Navigate to Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics. 
    Note: If your event is already over, you'll see the More section, under which you'll find Setup > Basics.
  2. Under Event areas, select Replay check box if not already enabled.


  3. Toggle Keep Replay available after event and select how long the recordings will be available after the event ends. You can choose anything from 1 day up to 12 months. 

  4. Click Save to save the changes.

To publish recordings:

  1. Go to Event Dashboard > Recordings. This gives you access to all your event recordings.
  2. Click on any of the recordings you want to make available in the Replay area.
  3. On the recording page, toggle Publish.
    ✔ The recording will be visible in the Replay area of the event. 

Updating registration close date

By default, the registration will get closed when the event ends. To allow post-event registration, you need to adjust the registration close first. 

  1. Navigate to Event Dashboard > Registrations > Advanced Settings. 
    Note: If your event is already over, you'll see the More section, under which you'll find Registrations > Advanced Settings.
  2. Toggle Set custom close date, if not enabled already. 
  3. Under Registration closing date and time, enter your desired date and time. This should correspond with how long you enabled the Post-Event Replay in the previous step.  
  4. Click Save.
    ✔ Tickets with open availability will be displayed on the registration page. 

Creating post-event tickets

You can also make selected tickets available or create a new post-event ticket.

To create a new ticket:

  1. Go to Registrations > Tickets and click + Create a new ticket
    Note: If your event is already over, you'll see the More section, under which you'll find Registrations > Tickets.
  2. Fill in all the necessary information. Refer to our guide on creating tickets to learn more.
  3. Under Ticket availability, select Custom and adjust the ticket sales start and end date. This will make the ticket only available after the event has finished.
  4. Once ready, click Save ticket.
Tip: Make sure that the start date/time is after the end of your live event and the end date/time is before the Replay expires. 
Note: If the ticket is paid, the registration will close 48 hours before the Replay ends so that attendees have time to watch the content. 

To make the selected tickets available, you will need to close the tickets you don't need:

  1. Go to Registrations > Tickets and click on the Pencil icon next to the ticket you need to close. 
  2. Under Ticket availability, select Closed.

  3. Click Save ticket.

Post-event registration experience

After the event has concluded, the classic landing page will indicate that it has "Ended." Users who wish to access the recordings need to click Sign in to watch recordings to register.

If you're using advanced landing page layout, it's necessary to manually customize the call-to-action button and wording to inform users that the event is open for the post-event experience.

Users can register as usual and enjoy all the content you have shared!

Note: Promo codes cannot be used with post-event registration.