How to setup Badge Printing for an Onsite Event

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At onsite events, badges serve as a means to check in and out of different areas. You can configure badge printing settings using the Organizer App.

Note: This feature is not accessible on the Attendee RingCentral Events Mobile App.

Connecting a printer

Firstly, sign in into the RingCentral Events Organizer app by scanning a Check-in Area QR code. If you're unsure how to do this, refer to this article for guidance.

Once inside the app, tap on the 3 lines in the top left corner to open up the side menu.

Select Devices to setup a printer and see which printers you have connected.

Tap Select Printer to begin. 

Next, tap on the name of the printer you would like to set up.

Your device will automatically scan for nearby devices and begin the pairing process. We recommend connecting your device and your printer via a cable to ensure a stable connection. 

Once you have connected a printer, you can begin printing badges!

Make sure you choose the correct settings when setting up your Kiosk.

Turning on Auto-Print

To turn on auto-print, simply tap on the 3 lines in the top right hand corner to open the side panel menu and tap Event Settings.

Turn on the toggle for "Auto print" to automatically print badges when Attendees are checked-in.



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