How to enable and assign Lead Retrieval Credits

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If you are setting up Lead Retrieval for your Exhibitors at your onsite event, then you will need to enable and assign Lead Retrieval Credits to get started. 

Lead Retrieval Credits can be purchased separately. To purchase Lead Retrieval credits, schedule a call with our sales team through the contact form on our website

Note: You must have a Hybrid or an Onsite Event to be able to use Lead Retrieval Credits.

First of all, you will need to make sure that you have created Expo Booths. Head over to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Expo page within your Event Dashboard to get started. Click on Add booth or Upload booths

When filling in the details for the Expo Booth, make sure you tick the box "Licence issued" to assign a credit. Click Save to apply your changes and create your booth.

Note: Make sure you complete all of the required fields such as the "About" and "Content Provider" sections.

On the Expo Booth home page, you will see your newest booth with the label "Issued" in the "Lead Retrieval" heading. It's also possible to issue and unissue the license by enabling and disabling the toggle. 

Tip: Make sure to send invites to all of your Exhibitors and check in with them to ensure they have been able to set up their booth and have downloaded the Hopin Mobile App. 
Note: Exhibitors must have a Hybrid ticket to use this feature. 

Once completed, the assigned exhibitors will be able to collect and save Leads at your onsite event!

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