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If you are organizing a Hybrid event or an Onsite event, setting up a self check-in area may be essential to facilitate Attendee check-ins at the physical venue. This guide provides instructions on personalizing the welcome screen, final message, and modifying the check-in settings.

Note: Additionally, Kiosk Mode is only available to use on tablets and will not function on smartphones.

Creating a new Kiosk

To get started, you will need to create a Kiosk. To do this, head over to your Event Dashboard > Onsite/Onsite Features > Self check-in and click Add kiosk

On the new panel that opens up, enter the name of your new kiosk and click Add kiosk.

Now, you will see your new Kiosk within the list on the main page. Now you are ready to start editing!

To edit your Kiosk, make sure you are in the Onsite > Kiosk Mode page of your Event Dashboard as outlined previously. 

Hover over one of the Kiosks within the list to display the icons for Edit and Delete. Click on the pencil icon to begin editing your Kiosk. 

Setting up your Kiosk

Once you click on the pencil icon, it will take you to the Kiosk Designer! It should look something like this:

The panel on the left hand side is where you can edit your Kiosk design, whilst the right hand side serves as a preview and will update to show you exactly how your Kiosk screen will look on the day of your event!

The following tabs cover the different stages of setting up your Kiosk. Click on each one to go through the whole process.

  • "Start" Settings

    Basic settings

    Before you get started you should select which device you plan to use. On the right hand side, under "Select a Device", choose your device or click Custom size to input alternative dimensions. These settings will ensure that your design is optimally displayed on the device that you are using. Additionally, choose the orientation of your device (landscape or portrait) using the respective buttons.

    Here, you can also change the name of your Kiosk by clicking on the field under "Kiosk Name".

    To edit your welcome message, highlight the text and use the panel at the top of the editor to format and resize the text. You can align, resize, format, and add pictures, using the respective buttons. 

    Customize Settings

    Underneath the editor, you will see a toggle to "Customize". This option allows you to further customize your Kiosk. Toggle this to "on" to display some additional settings. Here, you can further brand your welcome screen by changing the background image, the background color, and the start button.

    Changing the Background Image

    To upload an image, click on one of the options below, depending on if you are using a portrait or landscape orientation. Choose an image from your computer to upload it to your Kiosk. 

    Once you have selected an image, a new screen will allow you to resize, rotate and centre your image. Click Done once you are finished.

    Note: To remove the previously uploaded image, click the small "x" in the the right hand corner of the upload preview.

    Changing the Background Color

    To change the background color, simply click on the field under "Background Color" to open a color picker window. You will be able to select a color manually or pick it from the screen. To enter your specific brand color code, click on the color code type to switch between HEX, RGB and HSL.

    Customize the Start Button

    You can choose whether or not to display a start button by using the toggle next to "Display Start Button". If this is on, it will display the additional colour settings underneath.

    Add in a new HEX code by typing in the field under "Start Button Color".

    If you turn the Start Button toggle to "off" then Attendees can tap anywhere on the Welcome Screen to begin their experience. Alternatively, if you choose to display the Start Button, you can see it in the bottom of your preview.

    Advances Settings

    Finally, underneath your options to customize the Kiosk, you will see a heading for Advanced setitngs. Click on this heading to expand the options for a Kiosk Password. 

    Enter a password into the field provided to set a password for this Kiosk Mode. Whichever devices are set to this Kiosk Mode will require a password to use. 

    Tip: Leave it blank if you do not wish to set a password. 

  • "Check-In" Settings

    Filter Settings

    Click the Check-in tab at the top of the screen to adjust your Filter and Identification settings.

    On the field under "Ticket Type" you can select which tickets you would like to be able to check in at this Kiosk Mode. You can select more than one by ticking the respective boxes. If you do not select any tickets, all ticket types will be able to check in here. 

    Note: Only hybrid tickets will be shown here. If you've created an Onsite event, all tickets will be hybrid by default. 

    Remove a ticket type by clicking the "x" next to the ticket name.

    Identification Settings

    Choose how you would like your Attendees to check-in by turning on/off the following toggles:

    • Allow Scan - allow attendees to scan their QR code to check-in
    • Allow Search - allow attendees to search for their names and/or email addresses to check-in
    Note: You must have one of these options turned on to be able to Save your settings. 

    If you toggle "Allow Search" to "on", you will see some additional settings:

    • Search Auto Complete - when attendees are searching for their name or email address, the search function will make suggestions 
    • Search By - you can allow attendees to search for themselves via their name, email address, or both, from a drop down menu
    • Custom Search Results Message - customize the message guests see when no results are found after searching by typing something in this field


    You are also able to determine if your guests are allowed to see their registration information during the check-in-process as well as edit their badge name and responses to custom questions. Toggle "Confirmation Details" to enable this option. On the field under "Set Registration Type" you can select which ticket type holders will be able to see their confirmation details. You can select more than one by ticking the respective boxes. If you do not select any tickets, all ticket types will be able to check in here.
  • "Final" Settings

    Click on the Final tab to set up the Final Message that attendees will see once they have successfully checked-in to your event. 

    Write your custom message in the fields provided and set how long you would like the message to be displayed for.

  • "Post Check-in" Settings

    Click the tab named Post Check-in. Here, you can set whether or not your attendees can see their registration information and reprint their badge after the check-in process. Choose from one of the following options:

    • Locked - a password will be required to reprint a badge and see the registration information
    • Hidden - badge reprinting and registration information will not be available to attendees
    • Visible - enable badge reprinting without a password

Once you have it all set up, sign in to the RingCentral Events Organizer app and select Kiosk Check-in from the menu on the left and select the kiosk mode you would like to use on this device. 

Tip: For more information on using the Organizer app, check out our article.

If you have not set a password during the Kiosk Mode set up then you will need to set a temporary password to be able to logout of Kiosk Mode again. 

Now, people can start checking themselves in and you will see the "Check-in" screen. 




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