Announcing Q&A

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The Q&A tab in the activity panel is an excellent space for collecting audience queries and facilitating interactive sessions during presentations. This guide explains how to send a notification to prompt attendees to participate in the Q&A tab.

To announce Q&A:

Navigate to a Q&A tab within the selected event area and click Announce Q&A.
 A small pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your choice. Click Confirm to continue.

Attendees will be notified that Q&A is now open, with a notification appearing in the top right-hand corner of their screen. Upon hovering over the notification, they'll have the option to either Dismiss it or Open Q&A. Clicking Open Q&A will redirect them to the corresponding Q&A panel. 


Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 10.06.13 AM.png

If someone misses your announcement, they will see a notification in their Notification Center: 

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 10.06.59 AM.png

Note: If you make an announcement in the event-wide Q&A, everyone in the event will see the announcement. However, if you make a Q&A announcement in a specific area of the event, such as a Session or a Stage, only people within that area at the time of the announcement will receive the notification.