How to edit tags and speakers on the Schedule

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Bulk edit Tags and Speakers

You can bulk edit the tags and speakers attached to your Schedule segments so that you do not have to go through them one by one.

Whether you're using Table view or Calendar view, this process will be the same.

To get started, select which segments you would like to edit and then click Edit

In the new panel that opens you can choose to edit the speakers or the tags using the respective drop-down menus.

Then you will be able to choose one of the following from the second drop-down menu:

  • Replace all with - will remove existing Speakers/Tags and replace them with your new selection
  • Add to existing - will add Speakers/Tags to your existing ones
  • Find and remove - will remove the specific Speakers/Tags 

Once you have made your selections, you can enter which speakers or tags you would like to include by typing into the third field.

If the tag/speaker does not exist yet, you will see a blue Add button.

If you add a new Speaker, you will then get the Add Speaker window where you can fill in your speaker details, create their profile, or choose to register them for the event at the same time. 

Note: When you are adding the tags you would like to include in the change, you will need to click where it says Select to uncover the Save button to continue. 

Make sure you hit Save to apply your changes and a green banner will be displayed to let you know your edits have been successful. 

Rearrange Tags and Speakers

Once you have added your tags and speakers to your event, you can rearrange them so that they display in the order you would like on your Reception page. 

  • To edit in Table view, make sure you have selected Table from the tab at the top.

    Now, click on the tags section and then click Reorder tags to open a new panel on the right-hand side. 

    Simply drag and drop the tags and speakers into the desired order and hit Save.

    Now, they will be displayed in the correct order when viewing the schedule from Reception. 

  • To make edits in the Calendar view, make sure you select Calendar from the tab at the top. 

    Next, click directly on the segment that you would like to edit or click on the 3 dots and click Edit from the drop-down menu.

    In the panel that opens up on the right-hand side, find the Speakers and Tags section, simply click an individual tag or speaker and drag it to the position you would like it to be.

    Now, they will be displayed in the correct order when viewing the schedule from the Reception. 

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