Using the RingCentral Events Organizer App

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The RingCentral Events Organizer app is a free mobile application designed for checking attendees into check-in areas during your onsite event. This guide explains how to log in into the Organizer app, search for attendees, check them in and out, view and change attendee details and add walk-ins. 

Important: To begin using the app, it's necessary to first create a hybrid or an onsite event and establish Check-in areas.

Logging in to the Organizer app

After configuring your Check-in areas, the next step involves assigning different devices to manage Attendee check-ins and check-outs for each area. We recommend having a dedicated iPad or iPhone for each Check-in area.

  • Once you have downloaded the Organizer app, it will ask you if you're sure that you need the Organizer app. Clicking on Use the RingCentral Event app will take you to the App Store for your device to download the Attendee app. 

    Tap on Continue to assign this device to a Check-in area.

    On the next screen, you will be prompted to scan the QR code or manually enter the code that you can retrieve from your Check-in areas.

    If you choose to Scan check-in area code it will open your camera so you can place the QR in the field of view. 

    Alternatively, you can copy the numerical code and click Enter QR number instead, then paste the code into the field provided.

  • Where do I find these codes?

    You can get these codes by going to your Event Dashboard > Onsite/Onsite features > Check-in areas page.

    Hover over the Check-in area you would like to assign the device to and click the pencil icon to edit the area.

    Here, you can share the QR codes, generate a new code, and remove assigned devices. Check out this article for more information: Creating and managing Onsite Check in areas

    Click Copy or scan the QR code directly from the screen using the Organizer app to assign the device to the Check-in area. 

Searching for an Attendee

Once you are inside the app you can check attendees in and out and view their details. To easily find an attendee, use the search bar at the top to search for first name, last name, or email. 

You can also use the filter function on the left hand side to filter Attendees based on ticket type or sort them based on their name and status (checked in or checked out). 


Checking-in and checking-out Attendees

One of the main functions of the Organizer app is to check in and check out Attendees. Here are a few ways you can do this. 


Once you have found the Attendee that you are looking for, simply click the green Check in button to check them in to the area.

Similarly, if the Attendee is checked in, you can tap the Check out button to check them out of the area.

With their QR code

Each Attendee that purchases a Hybrid ticket will also be sent a personal QR code. This QR code can be scanned to check them in and out. 

Tap Scan QR to open up the device's camera so you can move the QR in to the field of view.

Once you have scanned the QR code, there are 3 possible screens you will see:

  • Green - successfully check-in
  • Orange - this person has already been scanned
  • Red - Invalid bar code


Onsite Registration: Adding a Walk-in

You can also register a "walk-in" attendee by clicking the Add attendee button at the top of the page.

You will need to select a ticket type for them, as well as enter their name and email address to register them. 

Note: To be able to do this, you must have Widget Authentication disabled on your Event Dashboard > Registrations > Details page. You must also have Stripe connected if they would like a paid ticket. 

Tip: For events with exclusively free tickets, you will use a native app form for walk-in registrations. This offers the advantage of collecting registrations offline using a check-in mobile device. All data captured offline will be stored locally on the tablet until an internet connection is restored.

However, for events with paid tickets, you will use the webview registration form where the stable internet connection is required for payment processing.

Viewing/Changing Attendee Details

To access an attendee's details, utilize the search function to find their entry and click on it directly.

In the Attendee information, you can find their name and email. Here, you can also customize the badge name and change/add their registration form responses.


In the Registration information, you can find their badge and see which ticket they are registered with. To preview the badge and to print it, click Badge preview. To change the ticket type, click on the ticket type (only possible for free hybrid tickets). 

Using Kiosk Mode

If you would like to use the Kiosk mode, you will need to set it up on the backend first. 

Note: Kiosk Mode is only available to use on tablets and will not function on smartphones.

Next, click on the burger menu and tap Kiosk check-in. Select your Check-In area from the list to get started! You can also see this article for more information.

Checking Attendees into segments

You can also check Attendees directly into scheduled segments by using the Segment check-in in the burger menu. 

Check out this article on how this feature works: How to check Attendees into Onsite segments


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