Contacting RingCentral Events Support

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Throughout your event experience, should you need help, RingCentral Events Support is available through multiple contact methods. This guide explains how to use our Support widget to send a message or open a live chat. 

Support widget

The Support widget serves as a valuable tool for Organizers to find the needed information in the Knowledge Base or connect with our Support team. There are several ways to access it.

  • Via the RingCentral Events Knowledge Center: click the Support bubble located at the bottom right.
    Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 15.13.18.png
  • Via the the Event Dashboard: click the Question Mark bubble located at the bottom right.
  • Via online event venue: click the Question Mark icon in the top right corner (available for Organizers).
  • Via online event venue (with collapsed menu): click the Question Mark icon (available for Organizers).

Once opened, you can either type a question or click to connect with our Support team:

If you enter a message, the bot will present a list of articles that might contain the relevant information. You can continue asking questions or choose to initiate direct contact with our Support team by clicking Get in touch

Sending a message

To send a message to our Support team, click Get in touch in the widget and select Leave a message:

Next, fill in the form with your details and a description of the issue:

The team will reach out to you shortly once they have received your request and have been able to look into your issue. Be sure to check your email for the response!

Starting a Live Chat

Event Organizers also have the option to initiate an instant live chat with a member of our Support team. Live chat is usually answered in less than two minutes.

To start a chat, click Get in touch in the widget and select Live Chat:

Important: The Live Chat option is exclusively available in the Support widget in the Event Dashboard and in the online event venue, not in the Knowledge Center. 

Our Help Center

The RingCentral Events Knowledge Center is maintained regularly and is full of useful, easy-to-follow resources that are just a click away. We review and update the Knowledge Center on a regular basis, and you can be rest assured the information is the most accurate at any time!

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