Creating a Hybrid event

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If you're planning an in-person event but wish to extend the experience to online attendees, hybrid events are the perfect solution. They enable you to seamlessly manage your onsite event while concurrently broadcasting it online.

Creating hybrid events is available for our attendee-based RingCentral Event plans as well as for our legacy Growth and Business plans. If you need help upgrading, schedule a call with our sales team through the contact form on our website.  

Creating your Hybrid event

To get started you will need to create an event by going to your Organization Dashboard, selecting your Organization, and clicking Create.

You will be shown a screen where you can select whether you would like your event to be VirtualHybrid, or Onsite

Click Start under the Hybrid panel. 

Note:  If your plan doesn't support creating hybrid events, the buttons for Onsite and Hybrid will say Upgrade plan instead. 


Next, enter your Event's name and the dates and times that you would like your event to run, as well as whether you would like your event to be private, hidden or public.

Note: Make sure your event does not exceed the maximum length allowed for your plan

Now, you will need to input the location of your hybrid event before you can continue. Click Save and Continue.

Note: You can change the location of your event at any time from your Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics page.

On the next page, you will be shown some options to choose from based on what you are trying to achieve from your event. You can choose to Skip this step, or you can select from the options and click Save and continue.

Manage your Hybrid event

Select an option below to learn more about how to build your Hybrid event.

  • Once you have created your event, you can start creating tickets. Head to your Event Dashboard > Registration > Tickets to add tickets to your event. Click Create tickets.

    Fill in the tickets details as normal, and then under the section "Access Type" you can select either:

    • Hybrid: Attendees will have access to both onsite and online parts of your event
    • Virtual: Attendees will only be able to view your event online

    When an attendee acquires a Hybrid ticket, they will also receive a QR code in their email that they can use to access the on-site event.

  • You can also now specify whether a schedule segment is a Hybrid, Onsite or Virtual only segment. When creating your schedule, click Add to schedule and a new panel will open where you can submit the details of your schedule segment. 

    At the top, you can select Hybrid if you want your segment to be available to both on-site and virtual attendees, Virtual if you would like the segment to only be available to those accessing your event online, or Onsite if you would like your Session or Stage to only be available to Attendees at the in-person event. 

    If you select Hybrid or Onsite, two new fields will become available for you to specify the "Onsite space" as well as the "Onsite capacity". You will need to tick the box for "Add onsite capacity" to display the additional field. If you want to add a new room, simply click Edit rooms. Once you have added the name of the new room, come back to the segment and select it as an onsite space

    When you create each segment, you will be able to see at a glance whether they are hybrid or virtual, as well as where they will be located, by the location tags that are added to each one. 

    For more information on this process, check out our guide on how to add a Hybrid segment to your Event schedule.

  • Add Floorplans to your Hybrid event so Attendees can easily find their way around your Onsite event. 

    Simply go to your Event Dashboard > Onsite > Floorplans, and click on Add Floor Plan to get started.

    A new panel will open on the right-hand side where you can enter the name of your floorplan, as well as upload an image (PNG, JPG or PDF).

    Click Save to create the floor plan.

    Once created, you can click Preview Floor Plan which will open the image you uploaded in a new tab. 

    Alternatively, hover over the entry to display two additional icons. Click the pencil icon to edit the Floor Plan (including changing the name and the image), or the trash can icon to delete the Floor Plan.

You may also need to go through the following guide to learn how to use kiosk modes, badge printing, and the badge designer.

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