How to set up the App Area

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The App Area is an event area that can be added to the navigation bar of your event. This area will allow you to share apps with your audience, without directing them away from the RingCentral platform or your event. 

Note: You can only use apps installed from the RingCentral App Store

To set up the App Area, first go to your Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics page and enable App under Event Areas. Save the page.

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Next, go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > App. 

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Here, you can choose one of your installed apps from the drop-down menu or click Discover more apps to take a look at others you can use in your App Area. 

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By clicking Discover more apps, you will be taken to the RingCentral App Store where you can see all of the available apps that can be embedded in the App Area of your event. Note that though you can install others in the App Store, these are currently the only ones able to be used in the App Area of the event.

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Once you have installed the App you would like to use, you can enter the details needed to set it up.

Note: The information you need may be different for each App. But you can find all the different apps and their respective installation documentation in Which Apps are available on RingCentral Events?

Once selected, you can also name this area anything you like. Simply look for the "Customize" heading and type in its new name in the field under "Menu Label."

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.44.01 AM.png

Next to it, you can also choose from a number of icons that will appear in your left-hand event navigation bar.

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.44.37 AM.png

Don't forget to save the page. 

Now you can click Preview Event at the top of the page to see the App Area in action. 

You, and your attendees, can access the App Area from anywhere in your event, simply click on the icon on the side panel and enjoy what the App has to offer!




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