Navigating through the Event Dashboard

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The Event Dashboard serves as the central hub for managing and navigating your event setup. We understand that if you may not always need the extensive range of features that we have available on RingCentral Events. Therefore, the Event Dashboard appearance differs slightly based on the chosen event format and whether your event is upcoming or has already concluded. 

Pre-event dashboard

As an Organizer, your primary focus revolves around participant registration, event setup, and effective communication with registrants. For upcoming events, we have consolidated the Recordings, Customize Text feature, and Analytics tabs within the 'More' section for simplified access and management.


Live event dashboard

When an event is live, the Analytics section will be featured in the main list of tabs, providing Organizers with access to the real-time insights during the event. Meanwhile, Recordings and Customize Text will remain conveniently accessible within the 'More' section.

Post-event dashboard

Once the event has concluded, your priorities as an organizer shift towards obtaining event data and recordings. Consequently, tabs associated with event setup, registration and communication will be concealed within the 'More' section, allowing you to concentrate on the Recordings and Analytics.


Webinar dashboard

The Event Dashboard for a webinar event will differ from multi-track events in terms of available features and event areas. In a webinar, various functionalities and venue area such as Expo and Networking are not available, resulting in the Venue section getting removed and more settings located under Setup. The Basics tab will encompass settings for webinar details, webinar style, recordings, webinar areas, activity panel, and apps. Additionally, Speakers, Schedule and Reception, if activated, will appear under the Setup category.

The Event Dashboard for webinars will also adjust to the event timeline in the same way as described above. For upcoming events, the Recordings, Customize Text feature, and Analytics tab will be consolidated within the 'More' section. Once the event starts, the Analytics section will become displayed among the main list of tabs. Post-event, tabs related to the event setup, registration and marketing will be nested within the 'More' section, emphasizing Recordings and Analytics for post-event analysis.


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