Replay Viewers Report

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The Replay Viewers report includes a list of all the attendees that have viewed recordings within your event, as well as which recordings they viewed and how many times they viewed them. 

The report doesn't include views by expo booth managers or your organization team members.

Note: An attendee watching any portion of a recording counts as one view. An additional view will be counted for that attendee only if they play the recording again after navigating away from the recording page.

To download the report go to Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports page, find the Replay Viewers report and click Generate CSV.

Once you have generated the report, you will see the Download CSV button. Clicking on this will download the report in the CSV format to your computer. 

At any time, you can also click the Downloads tab and you will see your report, where you can download or regenerate it by hovering over the report.

Once downloaded, the Replay Viewers report will look something like this:


  • Email: Email address of the viewer
  • First Name: First name of the viewer
  • Last Name: Last name of the viewer
  • Headline: Headline of the viewer, if added in their profile details
  • Country/Region: Location of the viewer (determined by viewer's IP address and subject to be incorrect or absent)
  • Ticket Type: The ticket type the viewer is accessing the event with
  • Recording Name: Name of the recording. Note that this can be changed, otherwise it will reflect the default name of the date and time of the recording. See How to access recordings for more details.
  • Virtual Space: The event area of the recording followed by the name of the specific Stage or Session.
  • Recording Views: Number of times the attendee viewed the recording.



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