Navigating breakout rooms in a Session

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Organizers may choose to split larger Sessions into smaller groups as a way to facilitate discussions, create brainstorming sessions, and encourage larger networking. This guide explains how to join a breakout and navigate within the breakout as an attendee. 

Tip: If you are an Organizer, refer to our article on Managing breakout rooms in a Session.

Joining a breakout room

When joining a Session, you will first enter the main Session. When an Organizer or a Moderator start a new breakout, you will see a 10-seconds countdown notifying you will be sent to a breakout room. If you would like to join the room sooner, click Join Breakout.

Note: If you join the Session after the breakouts have been created, you will see the countdown upon entering and will be automatically assigned to an existing room. If all of the rooms are full, you will stay in the main Session unless the Organizer decides to regroup. 

Within a breakout room

Within a breakout, click Share audio and video to join the screen. In the People tab in the right-side activity panel, you can see the people who have been assigned to the same room. 

Note: As an attendee you will not be able to move around to other breakout rooms. You can only move between the main room and the breakout you have been assigned to. 

Using the chat

In the activity panel, navigate to Breakout to access the breakout chat and the people list. You can still access the event-wise chat and the main Session chat to communicate with others. 

Note: If the Organizer chooses to regroup and you are sent to a different breakout, you will no longer have access to the previous room's chat. 

Leaving the breakout

At the top of the screen, you will see a timer indicating how much time you have left in the breakout before getting sent back to the main Session. To leave the breakout at any time, clicking Return to main room.

Tip: You may want to leave a breakout to ask a question or as part of the activity.

When re-joining the main Session, click Share Audio and Video to go on screen to ask a question. To return to your breakout room, click Join breakout room

Note: This option will not be available if the Organizer chooses to regroup, or if the timer has run out in the meantime. 

When there are 10 seconds remaining, a notification will appear. You will see a similar pop-up if the Moderator recalls the breakout before the time is up.

Closed Captions

To enable closed captions within the breakout room, click the CC icon.
✔ The captions will appear underneath the video feeds. 

For more information, check out our article about Closed Captions within Sessions.