Updating the Marketo App to use Program Objects

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If you installed the Marketo app before February 1st 2022, there are a few things that need updating to make sure things work as expected. 

Follow the steps below to apply the necessary changes

1 - Update the created API user role so it also has the following permission:

  • Access API > Read-Write Assets

2 - Create 2 new fields in the Program Member object:

  • Integration Code
  • Magic Link

3 - Update the Webhook with:

  • Value: lead_id={{lead.Id}}&program_id={{program.id}}
  • URL: New URL provided at the end of the app installation process

4 - If you are using a form to collect registration, depending on where the form is, you have to make different changes:

  • If form is a Marketo one: You need to replace the existing "Integration Code" field, with the new one created in step 2
  • If form is an external one: You need to make sure that contacts get created in Marketo as Program Member (you can check this article that will describe the situation in which a contact will be created as a Program Member). If they are not created as Program Member, an easy solution is to use the Change Program Status Flow

After setting these, redoing the Marketo app integration from RingCentral and doing a test, any new registration will be added as a Member into the Program, which is available here:


What happens to previously created leads and their Magic Links when updating the Marketo app?

The Magic Links are still valid however you will need to make sure, if you use Marketo as your email tool, that you use the right field when sending the Magic Link to their attendees.


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