How to apply a promo code

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Some events offer free tickets, while others may require payment. If the Event Organizer provides you with a promo code, you can apply it during checkout to get a discount on your ticket.

Registration pages may have different design, but most likely, you'll need to click on Register to get started. You will be taken to the ticket page where you can browse the tickets available.

Once you have selected which tickets you would like from the ticket page click Enter Promo Code.

A box will appear that will prompt you to enter your promo code. If successful, a green box that says promo code applied will appear and you will see the discount applied to your ticket price as well as a new total.

Then, select Continue and you will be taken to the payment page where you can complete your purchase.

If you input an incorrect promo code, it will show a red warning message and a discount will not be applied.

For Organizers: See our guide How to create promo codes for tickets.