How to show/hide schedule segments based on ticket type

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If you would like some of your Attendees to only view certain segments of your Event, you can do this by creating different ticket types and adjusting the settings within your Stages and Sessions. Once you link these Stages and Sessions to your schedule, only Attendees with the specified ticket types will see the segments in their schedule. 

Before you begin, you will need to make sure that you have created several ticket types in the Event Dashboard > Registration > Tickets. To learn more about different ticket types and how to create tickets, check out our guide How to create tickets.

Once you have created all of the tickets you think you will need, head to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Sessions or Stage page and either edit your existing Sessions or Stages or create a new one. 

When completing the settings, make sure that:

  • You set "Who can watch" to "Specific ticket types"
  • You select the ticket types you would like to be able to view the Sessions/Stage.
  • (If editing Sessions) select Scheduled under "Session scheduling."

Make sure you hit Save to apply any changes.

Next, go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule to begin adding to your schedule. For more information on how to create a schedule, have a look at our guide How to create a Schedule for an event.

Note: When creating your Schedule, if the Sessions you are looking for are not in the drop-down list, it may be because you have set the "Session scheduling" to Always open, in which case you will not be able to add them to the Schedule.

Once you have added some segments to your Schedule, it should begin to look something like this:

Now, when people join your event with different ticket types, they will only see Schedule items associated with their ticket type on the Schedule within the Reception page.

For example, someone who has a "Ticket 1" ticket will see the associated Schedule segment Breakout Session 1 as shown below:

However, someone with a different ticket will not see that specific Schedule segment and only those associated with their ticket type. For example, "Ticket 2" holder will see the Breakout Session 2: