How to use Hopin Apps within the Mobile App

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Attendees can now use the Kahoot!, Slido and Twitter apps on the Hopin Mobile App on both iOS and Android. These can be used in the Sessions, Stages, and Expo Booths that they are enabled in.

If you're an Organizer you'd like to know how to add apps to these areas of your event, you will need to make sure that they are installed to your Organization. For information on integrating these apps, check out the relevant guides:


Once you have added them to your event areas through the event dashboard, they will automatically be displayed when joining via the Mobile App.

Note: If you add any other integrations to your event, they will not appear here.

Where to find the Hopin Apps on the Mobile App

To use these integrations on the App, you will need to navigate to the particular Session/Stage/Expo Booth. If the event area has got Integrations enabled, you will see a corresponding tab in the activity panel (next to Chat, Polls, Q&A and People tab if enabled).


Click on the Slido tab (it can also be named differently by the event organizer) and you will be taken directly to the Slido page. Here you can toggle between the Polls tab and the Q&A tab. If no polls are active you will see a button that says Go to Q&A

Depending on the kind of Poll that is used, you can submit your answer and press Send


Click the little person icon in the top right hand corner to edit your profile, see any questions you have asked, and to log out. 



When you click on the Kahoot! tab (it can also be named differently by the event organizer), you will be asked to input the Game Pin to be able to continue. Check the chat area as many Organizers may share the Pin there. Click Enter to proceed. 


Once you have entered the correct Pin you will be asked to enter a user name. You will then be sent to a waiting room until the Organizer begins the game. Here, you can click the icon on the top right corner to change the language. Once the game begins, you will have to wait to for everyone else to answer and for the Organizer to select the next question to continue. 



Click on the Twitter tab and you will be able to scroll, search and react on Twitter via the Hopin app. You can log in or sign up if you haven't already got an account. 

You will be directed to whichever Twitter feed was connected by the Organizer; this could be a Twitter handle, a likes Timeline, a specific profile, another type of feed. 


Click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner to change your access your settings. 

Choose which tab you'd like to look at from either Tweets, Tweets & replies, Media, or Likes, or use the search bar to find something else! 


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