Which Apps are available on RingCentral Events?

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As we expand the number of Apps available to use on your RingCentral Events, it can be tricky to keep track of all of their different functionalities.

To help you decide which you may need, we have compiled this list so you know exactly which you can use, what they are used for, and where in your Event you can use them. 

Click on their name in the table below to learn more and to find out how to set up each app.

App Name Which plans? What is it used for? Event Areas
Salesforce Business & Enterprise
  • Import and export registrations to/from RingCentral Events and Salesforce
  • Export magic links from RingCentral Events
  • Export Attendance status
Marketo Business & Enterprise
  • Import registrations from Marketo to RingCentral Events, and push magic links back to Marketo
  • Export registrations to Marketo as a custom activity
  • Export 'attended' status to Marketo as a custom activity.
Cvent Business & Enterprise
  • Import registrations from Cvent
  • Export Magic Links from RingCentral Events to Cvent
  • Export Attendance status
HubSpot (1) Business & Enterprise
  • Export registrations and event data to/from RingCentral Events and HubSpot
  • Export Magic Links to HubSpot
HubSpot (2) Starter & Growth
  • Export registrations and event data from RingCentral Events to HubSpot
Mailchimp All Plans
  • Export your RingCentral Events registrations to your Mailchimp mailing list
Slido All Plans
  • Create Slido polls, surveys and Q&As for attendees at your event
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Twitter All Plans
  • Add a Twitter feed to your event
Reception, Stage, Sessions, Expo
Snapbar Business & Enterprise
  • Add a photo booth to your event
Intercom All Plans
  • Streamline your event communications
Entire Event
Figma All Plans
  • Share Figma files and prototypes with your attendees
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Miro All Plans

Create and share a Miro board and make it easier to collaborate by:

  • Create lists of focus topics
  • Outline a product roadmap
  • Develop customer/user journeys
  • Collaborative note-taking

Session, Expo

Kahoot! All Plans
  • Add an interactive game to your event 
Stage, Session, Expo
Slack All Plans
  • Get notified on Slack every time someone registers for your event
Typeform All Plans
  • Create surveys and Q&As
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Webhooks All Plans
  • Push any registrations to the location of your choice
vSpace by Validar Business & Enterprise

Depending on the Validar plan that you choose, you can:

  • Create leader boards
  • Retrieve additional metrics regarding attendance and engagement
  • Gamify your event!

Stage, Sessions, Expo

GoFundMe All Plans
  • Collect donations and share fundraising progress
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Kudo Business & Enterprise
  • Provide audio translations of Stages, Sessions or Expo Booths
  • Provide sign language interpreters 
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Syncwords Growth, Pro, Business & Enterprise
  • Enable captioning of Stages, Sessions and Booths
  • Provide translations into 100+ languages
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Splash Business & Enterprise
  • Import registrations from Splash to RingCentral Events
  • Add Magic Links in Splash
Zapier Business & Enterprise
  • Create a list of registrants in Google Sheets
  • Connect to other external apps to import registrants (e.g. EventBrite)
Mentimeter All Paid Plans
  • Create interactive presentations
  • Collect attendee data through polls and Q&As
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Walls.io All Paid Plans
  • Connect multiple social media feeds to your event
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Action Button All Paid Plans

Drive audience engagement with the following functionalities:

  • Create polls & quizzes
  • Encourage donations
  • Add contact buttons
  • and more!

Stage, Sessions, Expo

Pigeonhole Live All Paid Plans
  • Engage in conversations
  • Crowdsource questions
  • Collect feedback
Stage, Sessions, Expo
Pardot Business & Enterprise
  • Import registrations from Pardot to RingCentral Events
  • Export RingCentral Events Magic Links
Airtable All Plans
  • Export registrations from RingCentral Events → Airtable
  • Export attendee status
ActiveCampaign All Plans
  • Export registrations from RingCentral Events → ActiveCampaign
  • Export attendee status
3Play Media All Paid Plans
  • Live and on-demand captions
  • Audio descriptions
  • Translations
Stage only
Ai-Media All Paid Plans
  • High-quality human generated live captions in English and multi-language
Stage and Sessions
Mootup Business & Enterprise
  • Enhance your event with a 3D expo hall
  • Boost audience engagement by adding 3D networking spaces to complement an event
  • Seamlessly integrate Streamyard into a 3D auditorium to create a dynamic shared experience
App Area
Picture Mosaic Business & Enterprise
  • Easily create a custom mosaic and photo experience for your guests
  • Embed your mosaic within RingCentral Events platform for a seamless interactive experience
  • Display, comment on, and share photos with your team or across social media
App Area
Buzz Radar Business & Enterprise
  • Plug in your social accounts & event hashtags to create stunning data visualization
  • Easily build & customize from a library of over 50 visualizations and leverage AI moderation tools to decide what is displayed
App Area
Capsule All Paid Plans
  • Connect attendees with video-based networking that makes everyone look like a pro
  • Drive marketing impressions with branded videos collected from attendees, speakers and staff
  • Collect video responses for Q&A sessions or gather feedback from guests
App Area
Funtivity All Paid Plans
  • Engage attendees during breakout sessions with a wide range of games and activities. 
Stage, Session, Expo, Reception
WeBooth Business & Enterprise
  • The World’s only multi-user photobooth and robust trivia games with backend analytics
  • Customizable, brandable games with high-score leaderboards
  • Now you can mint NFTs right inside of WeBooth! This includes minting photobooth content, awards, and much more
App Area
Testimonial All Paid Plans
  • Add a submission widget to your event to collect video and text testimonials from your attendees
  • Add a wall of love widget to show off some best testimonials and social media content
  • Easily embed testimonials into your website or event registration pages
App Area
Kumospace All Paid Plans
  • Participants can move around freely, choose who they speak with, sip virtual drinks, and play games together
  • Host multiple rooms for different occasions or themes
  • Spaces can be fully customized to fit any occasion, including your branding
App Area
Conferences.io All Paid Plans
  • Track attendance
  • Issue CE certificates and credits
  • Keep attendees engaged through polls, CE codewords, Q&A, and evaluations
Reception, Stage, Session and Expo 
LiveVoice All Paid Plans
  • Bring your own interpreters or source from the LiveVoice interpreters network.
  • Add as many language channels to your event as you want.
  • For hybrid events use the custom delay function, so both on-site and online audiences will hear the interpretation in sync.
Stage, Session and Expo



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