How to customize your text

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You have the flexibility to customize various text elements to ensure they align seamlessly with the language used in your event and organization.

To begin the customization process, navigate to the Event Dashboard > More > Customize Text. Within this section, you will find an array of options to personalize the default text within your event. This includes the ability to modify specific headings on your Registration page, adjust the messages displayed within each Stage, and even change the names of your Sponsor levels.

Some fields contain some text between 2 curly braces (for example "{{ minutes }}"). Please leave that text untranslated, including the braces, at an appropriate point in the label. That text will be swapped out for the relevant value (for example, a value in minutes).

Note: When you make text customizations in this section, it will result in the platform language being set to English, and your attendees will no longer have the option to change the event language on their end. To re-enable the language selector, you can reset all custom text fields.

Resetting Fields

If you would like to revert back to the default text, simply click Reset All Fields at the top of the page. 

Additional customization

For further customization of the text throughout your event, you can also choose to use your own font! This can be done by using CSS or, if you are using advanced landing page layout, uploading your own Custom Font.