Time Spent Online per Segment Report

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The Time Spent Online per Segment report is available on the Advanced plans only. You can download a report for each segment that appears on your schedule and it will show you the attendees that joined that particular event area, and how long they spent there. 

Important notes:

  • The report doesn't include expo booth managers or your organization team members.

  • If you added custom registration fields, they’ll be shown in the report.

  • For this report to be accurate, you need to configure every segment in your schedule correctly: go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule and make sure each segment is associated with the respective session or stage broadcast.

  • Time spent online is measured by online presence, so it doesn't take into account whether the attendee is active and interacting or not. For example, someone might join a stage segment but have their video paused the whole time. For more information on where an attendee moved throughout the event, you should look at the Attendee Log report.

  • Time spent online in multiple schedule segments don't have to add up to the total time spent online in the event. The attendee can spend time in the reception while no segment is taking place or they can enter multiple segments with multiple devices.

  • If an attendee loses their network connection and it doesn't come back, it can take up to ten minutes to mark the attendee as offline.

  • Ad-blockers and corporate firewalls might limit data capturing, in which case the report might not be complete. If you’re a corporate customer with attendees joining through a firewall, here we provide guidance on how to make sure attendance data is captured.

To download the report go to Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports, find the Time Spent Online per Segment report and click Generate. This will display a drop down list from which you can select which schedule segment you would like to see data for. 

Once you have generated the report, you will see the Download CSV button. Clicking on this will download the report in the CSV format to your computer. 

Alternatively, go to Downloads and you should see your report at the top of the list. Hover over the report and the Download button will appear. 

Note: Reports will be available for download for a week. You will need to generate a new report after a week.  

The Participation by Schedule report will look something like this:

  • Email: the email of the attendee
  • First Name: the first name of the attendee
  • Last Name: the surname of the attendee
  • Headline: the headline as inputted on the attendee's profile
  • Country/Region: the country of the attendee (generated using their IP, therefore this may be inaccurate)
  • Ticket Type: the name of the ticket purchased
  • Minutes Spent Online: Number of minutes the attendee spent in the event area or virtual space linked to the scheduled segment
  • Registered At: Time when the attendee registered to the event
  • Registration Source: Type of registration, could be 'Registration Page' or 'Magic Link' for registrants who registered through a magic link invite.


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