Recommending scheduled segments to attendees

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To encourage your attendees to join a schedule segment, you can set it as "recommended". This will generate a notification on your attendees' screen to help guide them through your event. 


  • You cannot create two recommended schedule segments to occur at the same time.
  • By default, your schedule segments have regular participation. Which means that no notification will be shown to attendees.

To set a schedule segments as recommended, go to Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule in a multi-track event or Event Dashboard > Setup > Schedule in a Webinar event. Here you can use the table or calendar view,

  • In Table view, your schedule is presented in the table format.

    1. Select Table from the toggle at the top of the page.
    2. Locate a schedule segment you'd like to edit or add a new one by clicking + Quick add new.
    3. In the Participation field, select Recommended.

  • In Calendar view, your schedule is displayed in the daily schedule format.

    1. Select Calendar from the toggle at the top of the page. 
    2. To a new segment, click + Add to Schedule. To edit an existing segment, click on it directly or click on the Menu icon ••• and select Edit.

    3. In the segment settings, under Participation, select Recommended.

    4. Once ready, click Add to schedule or Save.

Attendee experience

When a segment is set up as Recommended, the "recommended" tag will be displayed on the specific schedule segments to help attendees plan their day. All recommended segments are also added to each attendee's "My Agenda".

One minute before the recommended segment, or immediately upon entering an event if the segment is already live, attendees will see a pop-up guiding them to the scheduled segment:

  • Clicking Join Now takes attendees directly to the specified area of the event.
  • Clicking No, Thanks allows attendees to remain in their current area of the event.
Note: Organizers don't get this notification when previewing the event.