How to use Custom Fonts on the Canvas Registration page

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The Canvas Registration page allows Organizers with Advanced plans to upload custom fonts to better match their branding.

You will need to create your event registration page using Canvas to be able to access this feature. To do that, go to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Registrations Page and select the Edit page on the Canvas option to get started.

Note: the following file formats are accepted:
  • .otf
  • .ttf
  • .woff

In the Theme tab, click Manage custom fonts under the global theme settings.

You'll see any current custom fonts you have. Click add font to create a new one.

Give your custom font a name.

Upload any font weights and styles that you have. 

Once uploaded, click the back arrow to navigate to the Theme tab again.

Click in the Primary font box and select your new font. You'll then see the font change across your page.

Note: Only one font can be selected and displayed on the registration page. 


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