How to create UTM Codes for your event

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What are UTM codes?

UTM codes are a great way for Organizers to track the spread and marketing of their events in a quantified way. 

UTM codes are simple query string parameters that are added to a URL to track how campaigns perform. This empowers users to understand marketing performance and where their traffic is coming from.

Within UTM codes, users can track different parameters that can be used to quantify their marketing campaigns and provide accurate referral code tracking.

How do I use UTM codes for my RingCentral event?

To create a UTM code using our generator, go to the Event Dashboard > Marketing > UTM codes and click Create UTM code.

You will see a screen that shows the following fields:

  • UTM Source: UTM source can be used to implement a referral/affiliate program. Wherever the user is clicking from and through to RingCentral Events. For example, if you create a UTM code that includes “Facebook” you will share this code within all of your Facebook marketing.
  • UTM Campaign: This is for your tracking purposes so you can easily identify and organize the incoming data. We recommend setting the UTM Campaign to identify your referrals, to make it easier for you to track the performance of your entire referral program.
  • UTM Code: This is the unique UTM code that you can share to begin tracking! You can click the button to the right-hand side to copy the code to make it easier to share.

You will notice that as you input the UTM source and campaign information, the UTM code URL will change.

Note: URLs are case sensitive so if you want to make several UTM codes for the same campaign, make sure that the information you input is consistent so that they can be easily tracked.

Once you have inputted the correct information you can copy the code by clicking on the icon to the right of the URL, and then click Generate UTM Code.

Tip: Although our platform and reports support 5 parameters, the generator will only create 2 parameters for you; others can be added manually.

Once created, you will see your codes added to the UTM codes page where you can copy, edit, or delete the code.

As attendees begin to register to your event via your UTM codes, you will be able to track this data in the Export Orders Report, Registrants Report, Attendees Report, and No-Shows Report where UTM parameters will be displayed in additional columns alongside the ticket information. Here is an example of how it will look like in the Export Orders Report: 


Can I use UTM codes that are not made with the RingCentral Events generator?

Yes, absolutely. We support 5 UTM parameters:

  • utm_source
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_medium
  • utm_term
  • utm_content

However, we are unable to provide support to Organizers who wish to set up marketing campaigns using all of the above parameters.

For this reason, we created this UTM generator to easily create URLs with the UTM parameters for the most common marketing scenarios (utm_source and utm_campaign).

Google Analytics tracking

Assigning a Google Analytics tracking ID within the RingCentral Events Dashboard under Event Dashboard > Advanced > Marketing > Sharing and Tracking will let the organiser track page views and visits to their event landing page. To get this setup, check out our guide.

Note: If you would like to use your UTM codes with Google Analytics tracking, it requires three parameters (utm_source, utm_campaign and utm_medium), however, our UTM codes generator only creates two.

What are the limitations of UTM codes?

We will only be able to track UTM last-click conversion. Therefore, if the prospective registrants exit the browser and come back to register, the UTM data will not register.