Attendees: How to access post-event Replay

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Thanks to our post-event Replay feature, attendees can watch recordings of the Stage and Sessions up to a year after the event has finished (if enabled by the Organizer).

Upon event completion, attendees will receive an email containing a link to access these recordings. The email will specify the duration for which these recordings will remain accessible.

Note: The post-event Replay feature is exclusively available on web browsers and not supported on the RingCentral Events Mobile app.

The provided link will directly navigate you to the Replay section of the event if you're signed in to your RingCentral Events user account. Otherwise, you'll be taken to the Registration page of the event and will need to sign in first: 

You can also find the recordings by accessing the event from your Profile Dashboard:

From here you will be brought to the Registration page of the event. If the Event Organizer is using the RingCentral Events Classic registration page (refer to the screenshot below), you will need to click Watch recordings to access the event. Here, it will also say until what date the the recordings are available. If there are no recordings available then it will simply say "The event is over" and there will be no option to access the event any longer. 

If the Organizer is using a customized landing page and doesn't update the wording for the post-event access, you may need to click on Register or Tickets to access the registration widget and to enter the event. 

Once you re-enter the event, you will notice that the tabs for Stages, Sessions, Expo Booths or Networking are unavailable. 

Select the Replay tab on the left hand side. You can then use the tags at the top to find and view recordings of either the Stages or Sessions as well as change the layout.

Once you have found the recording that you would like to watch, click directly on it and you will be taken to the recording where you can watch it as many times as you like during the time specified. 

Note: At the end of each event, you will be sent a post-event survey to provide feedback on both the event and the platform. You will need to complete it to be able to access the Replay area. 


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