Mid-event & post-event surveys

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Attendees will see two surveys when joining an event, an in-event survey and a post-event survey. Here is everything you need to know about these two surveys, how they are displayed and what they include. 

Mid-event survey

When do they appear? The in-event survey will be sent at the halfway mark of an event (e.g. if an event is 24 hours long, it will be sent after 12 hours). The notification will remain there until the attendee has completed the survey.

What does it include? It offers a simple 1-10 scale asking how likely the attendee would be to recommend the event to a friend.

How do they appear? Attendees will get a notification in their notification tab about the survey. 

Can the organizer view the results? Yes, go to your Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports and generate a Survey Feedback Report.

Post-event survey

When do they appear? The post-event survey will be sent once the event has finished, around 10 minutes after the scheduled end time.

What does it include? It includes two text boxes that give the attendee the choice to write what they liked and disliked about the event, as well as two 1-10 scales asking how likely the attendee would be to recommend the event and the platform (RingCentral Events) to a friend. 

How does it appear? The post-event survey is shown in a pop-up window. 

Can the organizer view the results? Yes, you can view the results by going to their Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports and generating a Survey Feedback Report.

Can these surveys be customized or disabled?

Yes, both of these surveys can now be customized by organizers so that both the questions and the timing of the surveys can be changed. It's also possible to disable the surveys before the event starts. The surveys cannot be disabled once the event has begun.

To do this, Organizers need to navigate to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Survey Builder. Once there they will see the options for the live surveys in their event, and then they click on the 3 dot menu where they can Customize, Disable and Schedule.

For Webinar events, go to Event Dashboard > Analytics > Survey Builder to access the same settings:

Once they select Customize, organizers will be taken to a subsequent page, where they can choose the questions they want to ask their attendees. They can change the Survey name, message and instructions to attendees. They can also change the text of the 4 questions but NOT the format of the questions (i.e. Ratings based questions will remain ratings based, and text based will remain text based). They can hide questions (see image below). Note that they cannot add questions, and the second question on the post-event Survey (the RingCentral Events question) is not editable.



To change the time of the survey select Schedule and then change the Launch Time of the survey. This launches the Time screen shown below, and you can select the time you want the surveys to be published to attendees.