How to use the RingCentral Events Backstage powered by StreamYard as a Speaker

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The Stage is what attendees see during an event, while the Backstage is a private video chat that allows Speakers and Organizers to rehearse before going live in front of attendees. Not only are you able to rehearse, but the Backstage is also perfect for testing your audio and video before the main event.

As a Speaker, you will receive the Backstage link from the Event Organizer. Ensure you are signed in to your RingCentral Events account and registered for the event to access the Backstage. If not registered or signed in, you'll be redirected to the event's Registration page.

Note: Alternatively, the Organizer may share a direct StreamYard studio link, allowing you to access the Backstage as a guest without the need to register for the event. 

Once you enter the StreamYard Backstage, make sure you allow your browser to access your camera and microphone if prompted. 


Here you can update your avatar for when your camera is off, enter your display name, check your camera and microphone, and click Settings to see more details and set your virtual background.




Once you click Enter Studio, will be inside of the Backstage Studio. You will be seeing whatever is being presented in there. You will need to wait until the Organizer adds you to the stream, so be ready!


If you wish to continue attending the event from the attendee's perspective, you can hit the Return button at the bottom of the screen and you will be brought into the event’s Reception page.

On the right-hand side, you have two areas. You can use the Private chat area to chat with the Organizers and other Speakers inside of the Backstage area. The Comments area allows you to participate in the chat of the broadcast studio. All chats from the broadcast studio are automatically transferred to the main Stage of the event.

Note: If you have joined the studio as a guest via the StreamYard link, you will not be able to participate in the public chat in the Comments area. 

Also note that the StreamYard Backstage does not have a fully-integrated activity panel. This means that Polls and Q&A are not accessible through the StreamYard Backstage. In order to use the Polls and Q&A, you will need to open up an additional window of the front-end of the Stage.

Note: It is important that you mute the second tab of the front-end of the Stage if you are also inside the Backstage to avoid echo and sound feedback from one tab into the other. Double-click on the tab and select Mute. For more information, you can see our guide Echo in Sessions or Stage. mute_tab.png

For further tips on presenting, see StreamYard's guide Sharing Slides and Presentations with StreamYard.

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