Connecting your Stripe account

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To sell paid tickets, you need to connect your Stripe account to your Organization. Stripe is the only billing platform supported on RingCentral Events. This guide explains how to connect an existing Stripe account or to create a new one.

Warning: Selling paid tickets is available in countries where Stripe is supported. Please review the attached file below to check if Stripe is supported in your country of residence. 

To connect your Stripe account:

  1. In your Organization Dashboard, click the Profile icon and click Manage Organization.

  2. Go to Billing.
  3. Next to Stripe integration, click Connect with Stripe.
    ✔ You will be then redirected to the Stripe connection page.

  4. You can either sign in into your existing Stripe account or create a new one. Enter your email and click Continue.

  5. After signing in or setting up your account, select the account you'd like to connect to RingCentral Events.
    ✔ Once Stripe is connected, you will be redirected back to your Organization Dashboard.

Now, next to Stripe integration, you will see the option to unlink your account or open your Stripe Dashboard where you can issue receipts and refunds for your attendees.

Tip: For information on transactions associated with paid tickets sales, refer to our guide on Stripe Direct Billing.