How to purchase event tickets for yourself and other attendees

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If the Organizer has allowed Attendees to purchase multiple tickets per order, you will be able to purchase tickets yourself and other attendees in bulk. 

Registration pages may have different design, but most likely, you'll need to click on Register to get started.

Select the number and type of each ticket you'd like to purchase and click Continue to proceed. At this point you will be able to sign in into your existing RingCentral Events user account and enter a promo code if applicable.  

Next you will need to fill in names and emails for all the attendees you’d like to invite. If you are signed in into your RingCentral account, you can tick the box Assign ticket to me to automatically fill in the fields with your personal data. You will still need to complete the information for anyone else you are claiming tickets for. Make sure you fill in the correct email address! Click Continue when you're ready.

Note: You can assign only one ticket to each attendee. 

On the following page, if the tickets are paid, you'll be prompted to enter a payment method. Provide payment details and click Complete registration to finish. Once completed, you will see another page to confirm the tickets and the emails they are being sent to. 

Note: If you're signed into your RingCentral Events user account, your name and email will be automatically used as card holder details.

Invited users will get automatically registered for the event. If they don't have a RingCentral Events account, it will be created for them by default. They will receive an order confirmation email with a personalized link to enter the event. They will also see who signed them up for the event. 

Note: If the Event Organizer has created custom registration form questions, registrants will be ask to answer them when entering the event for the first time. 

That's it! The attendees you invited can go on to access the event when it is time.

Note: When registering a new attendee, their user account will be automatically created with the one-time password authentication method. If they would like to access the account later on, independently from this particular event, they will receive one time password to their mailbox. Here you can learn more about this authentication method: Using a One Time Password (OTP) for your RingCentral Events account

You can also purchase event tickets for other attendees, excluding yourself.