How to embed the Schedule widget on a third-party website

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A large number of organizers use their third-party websites to promote their events and even register users. While they will use RingCentral for the actual event, these third-party promotion and registration websites can have the event's Schedule embedded in them.

Organizers now have the ability to generate the embed code via iFrame for their event's Schedules and can embed this code on third-party websites.

To get started, go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule. Click on Upload and then the Embed button.

Copy the code snippet on the pop-up modal and paste it on your website to display the Schedule on your homepage.

Note: This step should be done by you or by your website administrator. If you’re using a website builder like Wix or Wordpress, check out our suggestions below.

That's it! You have now embedded the Schedule widget on your site! This is how it should look:embed_calendar_on_wix.png

How to add an iFrame in Wix

In Wix, you can add an iFrame to your site directly from the Add panel. Go to Embed > Custom Embeds > Embed Widget. For more information please refer to this guide from Wix.

How to add an iFrame in WordPress

Wordpress websites require a different method for adding an iFrame and need to be added by using a shortcode. For more information please refer to this article from Wordpress.

How to change the iFrame size

You may change the iFrame size by changing the size of the container you insert the iFrame into.

Additionally, you may need to change the width and height parameters in the iFrame code. For example, we recommend adding an additional parameter for height height="100%" so the iframe will adjust to the size of the box. 

<iframe src="" outline="none" scrolling="yes" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>



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