How to create a registration form

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The Registration Form allows organizers to create required and optional registration questions outside the transactional process of selecting/purchasing a ticket.

For example, an organizer may want additional information about an attendee's profession or affiliation to the organizer or any other info before they complete the registration process. The Form Builder allows organizers to flexibly ask any question(s) they want from an event registrant. This is how it will look when an Attendee registers for your event:

Organizers can choose not to create a registration form and simply allow their attendees to select/pay for a ticket and then directly enter the event once it opens.

Creating your registration form

Go to the Event Dashboard > Registration > Registration Form to see the three required questions (First name, Last name, and Email). Your attendees will always be asked to fill out these fields when registering for an event. Therefore, they cannot be removed or edited. 

On the right-hand side, you will notice a panel listing the different question types that you can choose from, including:

    • Single Line Text
    • Paragraph Text
    • Multi Select: Attendees can select multiple choices.
    • Single Select: Attendees can only select one choice.
    • Conditional: Organizers can create if-then logic questions based on an attendee's answer. If the attendee gives specific answers, they may see another question surface depending upon the initial answer. Note that only one option can be conditional - not both. 
    • Date
    • Hidden Field
    • Legal: Link out to "Terms & Conditions" or similar documents to be acknowledged by your attendees.

Select which question type to add, and begin building your registration form. 

When you select a question type, it will be added underneath your existing questions. Therefore, if you have already added some questions, you may have to scroll to the bottom to find your newest one. 

Fill in the required fields for your chosen question and click Save

When adding a multi or single-select question, click +Add answer to add additional options or Delete to remove them.

Select which ticket types must answer each question by selecting them from the dropdown menu under "Ticket types."

Note: The registration questions can be set as required or optional if the checkbox isn't checked. Required questions have to be answered for attendees to be able to purchase tickets; optional questions can be skipped.

Also, the answers for each question can be set as the default answer to any question (pre-populated for the attendee, but the attendee can change these pre-populated answers). 


If your event is Hybrid or Onsite, you will also need to set up answer visibility: 

  • Attendees at self-check-in: when attendees check in with Kiosk Mode, they will be asked to verify their information; the answers they inputted upon registration will be shown here if this box is ticked
  • Admins of the Organizer app: organizers will be able to see the answers when viewing attendee info in the app
  • Lead mode of an attendee: exhibitors will be able to view answers when lead retrieval is enabled, and they are given access via their booth


Invited registrants and questions added after registering

If you create a registration form after people have already registered for your event, they will be asked to complete the form the next time they join the event if the questions are set as "required."

Additionally, when bulk ticket purchases are enabled, buyers do not have to fill in registration questions as they are linked to individual tickets. Only after these attendees register for the event will they be asked to submit questions. 

Finally, if using Magic Link Invites, registrants will bypass your event registration page altogether. Once they use their link to enter the event directly, they will see the registration form questions and must answer any required questions before accessing the event.


How to retrieve the information filled out on the form

In the Event Dashboard > People > Registrants, you will be able to view and edit the registration form answers for every registration: How to access and edit registration form answers

The registration form answers are also included in the Registrants Report, Attendees Report, and No-Shows Report. The column "Custom Form Completed" shows whether a custom form has been completed, if available. Additional columns for the questions and answers will appear after this column. Here is an example of what this can look like in the report:


Note: If an existing registration form is deleted, all of the collected information from this form will also be deleted and no longer be shown in the event reports.