Additional event registration settings

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Before setting up tickets for your event, you will need to create global settings for the registrations of the event. 

To do that, go to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Additional settings.

Fill in the following fields: 

  • Registration Close Date/Registration Close Time: The exact date/time that registrations will close for an event, after which no new registrations will be accepted. This close date/time will follow the timezone convention set for the event overall. 

  • Registration Close Message: The message that will display in the Registration ticket modal if the registration has been closed or if all tickets have been sold out.

  • Order Limit: The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased by each attendee. This is beneficial for group ticket purchases.
  • Currency: If you are creating paid tickets, select the currency that you would like them to be sold in. If you are only creating free tickets then you don't need to worry about this setting. 
Note: If you allow purchasing tickets in bulk, you will be able to see the attendees on the list only after they confirm the registration. Check out this guide to see how the process of buying tickets in bulk looks like.