Setting up HubSpot on the RingCentral platform (Starter and Growth plans)

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What can the HubSpot Starter and Growth plan integration do?

The Starter and Growth are legacy RingCentral Events plans. Since they don't include access to the Magic Link invites feature, the integration capabilities are limited: 

  1. Push registration from RingCentral to HubSpot
  2. Push event ‘registered’ and 'attended' status to HubSpot as a note on a contact
  3. Push Custom Registration Q&A as a note on a contact
Note: To integrate HubSpot on RingCentral's Business and new attendee-based Events plans, check out our separate guide.

What are the limitations of the HubSpot Starter and Growth plan integration?

On the Starter or Growth plans you'll only be able to push registrations (first name, last name, email) out to HubSpot, not import them from HubSpot (importing from HubSpot is available on the Business and new attendee-based Events plans).

What data is being synced between RingCentral<>HubSpot

We are currently syncing First Name, Last Name, Email, and Custom Registration Q&As between the platforms. We are actively working towards syncing the whole Registration Object (headline, website, custom form questions).

Setting up the HubSpot App

Find below what you'll need to do to enable the HubSpot integration.

1. To get started, you will need to install the HubSpot app to your RingCentral Organization. You can access the app store by going to your Organization Dashboard and heading to the Apps tab. Then click on Discover More on App Store.

2. You can find HubSpot under the CRM category, or you can follow this link to go directly to the page. Click Install app to add the HubSpot app to your Organization.

3. Authenticate your HubSpot account at the next screen.


4. Return to the configuration screen once the authentication is successful and click Next to finish the setup.


5. In the next screen you can select the checkbox if you would like to add each Custom registration Q&A as Notes on the Contact record in HubSpot.

Click Finish to set up the integration.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 1.56.17 PM.png

6. The RingCentral<>HubSpot integration will now push any registrations created in RingCentral to your HubSpot instance (first name, last name, email). If a contact already exists, it will not be duplicated. When a registrant registers for or attends an event, that activity will be pushed to the relevant HubSpot contact as a "note." If the registrant answers the custom registration Q&A during the registration time, that information is also captured as a note.

Testing the HubSpot App

1. Now we can do some testing of the integration. First, you can create a registration form in RingCentral to check that it's pushed into HubSpot. Once you have created a form, use the Preview Event button to access the registration page and fill out the form.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 3.15.32 PM.png

2. Register for the event in the registration page (use an Incognito window to do a test registration with another account when you're already logged into your Organizer account).

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 11.54.01 AM.png3. Navigate to your HubSpot account and view your contacts, you should now see the registration.


4. In the Contact entry, it shows that the same Contact has registered the event. Also if you have selected the checkbox to add each Custom registration Q&A as Notes on the Contact record in HubSpot you can see that if the question is answered by the registrant then it will show as notes on Contact.



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