Troubleshooting blurry screen shares on RingCentral

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Below are some tips and tricks to improve the resolution and playback of screen shares on RingCentral.

1. Screen shares reduce in quality to match the network speed of the viewer with the slowest connection. We recommend using an ethernet cable instead of wifi whenever possible.

2. Is the speaker screen sharing a video? If possible, we recommend using YouTube share in sessions and embedding YouTube videos on the stage instead. This will improve the quality drastically.

3. Screen sharing is a resource-intensive task. As a speaker check your CPU usage:

  • On macOS Cmd+Space > Activity Monitor
  • On Windows Ctrl+Alt+Delete > Task Manager > Performance

If the CPU usage is high there may be issues when screen sharing so:

  • Closing extra browser windows/tabs that are not needed might help
  • Switching the camera off while screen sharing might help
  • Closing all other applications might help

4. Check the internet connection speed at and also run our Pre-event check to see if there are any connectivity issues or internet speed/bandwidth limitations. Find out more about the stream test here. If your results aren't great:

  • Again, we recommend using an ethernet cable instead of wifi
  • We advise speakers to make sure there are no software updates, radio/streaming apps, torrents downloads running in the background, etc., and that other people aren’t heavily using the same internet connection. For example, if the network speed/bandwidth is limited someone else on the same network streaming a 4K movie or digital TV stream may affect its reliability
  • We recommend a minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload. Ideally, we like to see 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for the best quality.

5. If the speaker is presenting on Stage, we recommend unchecking the Low Latency Mode in Event Dashboard > Venue > Stage.

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