Troubleshooting Expo Booths: Images, Character limits and CTAs

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As you are setting up Expo booths for your event, you may be running into errors preventing you from saving them. Below are the most common errors that will prevent you from saving your hard work!

Image Upload

When uploading an image, either for the Logo or for the Background Image, you will need to be mindful of its size and dimensions. 

  • The maximum size of image and GIF files is 2MB. Files over 2MB will not save
  • Try using the .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif file extensions
  • Make sure to have important information center-aligned

Tip: Use the Image Size and Gif File Dimensions to ensure you are uploading the correct sizes.

Character Limits

There are character limits (some are not enforced) to the different aspects of the booths that may prevent you from saving. Be sure to follow the below guidelines when setting up your booth for the best appearance.

  • About (Short information about the exhibitor): 700
  • Offer (discounts/promotions): 60
  • Button Action (Register Interest, Link to webpage): 26 - limit not enforced, but recommended
  • Expo Booth (Mini) Headline (preview): 195
  • Expo Booth (Small) Headline (preview): 45
  • Expo Booth (Medium) Headline (preview): 70
  • Expo Booth (Large) Headline (preview): 150

Tip: For more guidelines, see the Maximum Character Limits article. 


When inputting the social links for the exhibitor, make sure you are using the full URL without the extra www, for example: Also remember to add a Website link if Button Action is a Link to webpage, see Other below.


Here you are able to add an Offer. It’s optional text, not tied to anything programmatically. 
However, the Button text and Button Action are not optional. Pay attention to the latter 
as it can be either:

  • Register interest (sends attendee emails to the exhibitor email on click)
  • Link to website (opens any website or external resource for downloading more content from the exhibitor)
Note: If Button Action is set to Link to website make sure to have added a Website link accordingly, as mentioned in the URLs paragraph above. 

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