Troubleshooting video playback issues

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Depending on your internet connection speed, bandwidth, and other factors sometimes you may experience blurry, fuzzy, choppy, freezing, video playback while watching a broadcast on our platform. 

To help improve the experience you could change the stream quality from within the video player settings. 

Simply click on the Settings icon at the bottom right of the video player during a live event. Then click on Quality to change the video resolution options.


Auto video resolution selection

The default setting is Auto, it means the player will automatically adjust to the best resolution for your connection. It may fluctuate between higher and lower resolutions trying to give you the best experience possible while you are watching.

Note: You can also revert back to Auto if manual selection doesn't work well for you, as shown on the screenshot below.


Once selected it will look like this:


Manual video resolution selection

If you know your connection is not great then you can manually select any of the option below 720p, down to the lowest resolution of 160p. The manual selection is also great if the Auto option is causing the playback to switch to very low resolutions which could degrade the stream quality. In this case setting up a higher resolution manually such as 720p or 480p manually will help.


Once selected it will look like below:


That's it! You have now changed your playback resolution!

Note: Keep in mind the lower the resolution the lower the quality of the video playback will be, however it should improve the experience overall in case of issues. We recommend lower resolutions for slower internet connections (360p or lower). 720p or 480p should be fine for most users.
Tip: If you want to calculate how much bandwidth is consumed while streaming a ringCentral event, the general figures below can help:
  • SD-quality (Standard Definition) video uses about 0.7GB (700MB) per hour (when quality is set lower than 720p)
  • HD-quality (High Definition) video uses about 0.9GB (720p), and 1.5GB (1080p) per hour