Troubleshooting YouTube video playback issues

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There are times when a YouTube video added to RingCentral may return the error message shown below. The error means the video owner has not set the correct settings in YouTube Studio for the video to be played on other websites.


If you’re the owner of the video, follow the steps below to correct this issue.

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
2. From the left-hand menu, select Content, then click the thumbnail of the video you'd like to embed on the right side.

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 11.18.50.png
3. The video editor will open, select Visibility at the top right.

4. Scroll down and select SHOW MORE. Also make sure to answer any other question, if required, as shown below.

5. Under Licence and distribution, tick the box next to Allow embedding and click NEXT at the bottom right.


6. Set the video to Public or Unlisted and click PUBLISH at the bottom right.


7. Copy the video link and add to your RingCentral event accordingly.


8. That's it! Your YouTube video should now play as expected!