Disabling event areas and setting landing area

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There are multiple event areas available in the RingCentral Events (e.g. Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking, Expo). Based on your event needs, you can disable and enable these areas and set one of them as the landing to determine the attendee event experience. 

Note: To learn how to do it in a Webinar event, refer to our guide Webinar event: Choosing and setting up webinar style.

Enabling and disabling an event area

To enable or disable any of your preferred event areas:

  1. Go to Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics.
  2. Under Event areas, select or unselect the check box next to the chosen area.
    (Or click the Menu icon ••• and select Hide/Show).
  3. Click Save.

This can be done anytime before or during the event without any loss of settings or data. For example, if you set up 50 Expo Booths before the event begins and decide to hide them from the Registration/ Reception area or the event itself, you can disable the Expo area and re-enable it at the desired time without losing any settings or data.

Note: Enabling or disabling an event area during a live event will require Attendees to refresh the page in order to see the change.

Tip: If you're hosting a simple event and all the information is already listed on the registration page, you can disable the Reception area to allow attendees to access the event and land directly on your live content (e.g. Stage).  

Setting an event area as landing

By default, attendees land on the Reception area when accessing the event.

To set a different event area as the landing page:

  1. Go to Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics.
  2. Under Event areas, click the Menu icon ••• next to the chosen area and select Set as Landing Area.
    ✔ You will see a “Landing area” tag on the chosen segment.
  3. Click Save.

Note: If you leave only one event area enabled, it will become landing by default and the left side navigation menu will be hidden in the online event venue.

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