How to access a Scheduled Session before the start time

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When scheduling sessions for your event, it's important to note that these sessions will not be accessible to speakers, moderators, and attendees until 5 minutes before the scheduled start time, unless otherwise specified.

Below is an image illustrating the interface attendees will encounter if they attempt to access a scheduled session before its designated start time:

Displaying Sessions before and after the scheduled time

By default, scheduled sessions are not displayed on the Sessions tab of the event until 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. Similarly, they are removed from the tab 5 minutes after the scheduled end time. However, these settings can be adjusted by accessing your Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics, and then selecting Advanced Settings.

Sharing the direct Session link for speaker rehearsal

If you wish to allow speakers and moderators to access the session for rehearsal before the scheduled start time, the most effective approach is to provide them with the direct link to the scheduled session. You can obtain this link through one of the following methods.

1. Sessions Settings

Navigate to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Sessions to access the list of Sessions. Hover over the desired session listing and click on Go to session. This action will open a new browser tab with the Session room. Copy the URL from the browser's address bar. You can then share this link with your speakers and moderators as needed.

2. Schedule Settings

Go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule. Find the needed scheduled segment in the schedule. Open the actions menu and click Share session link.

In the popup window, you'll be able to copy a direct link to each session linked to the segment. 

3. Event Venue / Event Preview

As an event organizer, you can also see the scheduled sessions in the online event venue before they start (you can also preview the event before the start time). They will be marked with the Test run tag. This way, you can access the session directly from the event venue and copy the URL from the browser. 

Note: When sharing the session link with moderators before the event starts, you need to enable Early Access in your Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls. Otherwise, they won't be able to access the session.