How to use the RingCentral Backstage powered by StreamYard

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The RingCentral Backstage serves as a broadcast studio designed for the Stage event area, and it is powered by StreamYard. StreamYard is a user-friendly tool that enables organizers to create a polished and professional stage experience for their events. The integration with RingCentral Backstage provides access to advanced video production features directly through the Event Dashboard.

Note: The RingCentral Backstage powered by StreamYard is free, and you do not require a StreamYard account to use it, but it does not include all the features available on StreamYard. Check out this article for more information on RingCentral Backstage powered by StreamYard vs StreamYard Business.

Entering the Backstage

The Backstage can be accessed via a dedicated link which can be copied from the Overview page or from the Stage settings.

Note: As an Organizer, you will need to be registered with an Organizer Pass for the event in order to be able to join the Backstage and use host controls. You can click Preview event in the top right hand corner of your Event Dashboard. You can see additional information in our guide Tickets and Registration FAQs.

Navigate to the Event Dashboard > Overview and click View links to cope the Backstage link from the RingCentral Events Studio tab.

Alternatively, navigate to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Stage(s) and open Stage settings. Under Broadcast Studio, you'll see the Copy Link button, which you can use to easily send your Backstage link to your presenters. You can also use the View StreamYard Backstage button to enter into the Backstage studio.

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In order to enter the Backstage, you'll need to grant permissions for your camera and microphone. Your browser may present you with a prompt, to which you must click Allow.

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The next step is to set your display name and check your camera and microphone. You can also make use of the Mute/Unmute and Stop/Start Cam buttons if you want to enter the studio without your camera or microphone on.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 10.30.51 AM.png

You can go on to explore the settings option by clicking on the Settings button on the right. This option allows you to set up your camera, audio, and virtual background.

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With the camera option, you can select your camera and resolution. The audio option allows you to select your microphone and speaker. The virtual background option allows you to set up virtual backgrounds for your event. Note that enabling the virtual background feature uses more computer resources than other features.

Once you've selected your settings, you can click Enter Studio.

Inviting Speakers

Via the Backstage Link

Once your Speakers are registered for the event and signed in into their user account, share the Backstage link with them. You can copy this link from the Event Dashboard Overview page or the Stage settings as explained above. 

If the user is not signed in and registered for the event, they will be automatically redirected to the event registration page. 

Note: Only Organizers have the necessary permissions in the backstage, and other users may not have access to the same controls available to Organizers.

Via the StreamYard Link

Alternatively, you can copy the StreamYard link directly from the studio. Click Invite at the bottom on the screen to copy the link or send it via email.

Users don't need to be registered for the event to be able to access the Backstage via the StreamYard link. However, they will not be able to participate in the public chat in the Comments area. 

Tip: For an immersive event experience and optimal audience engagement, it's strongly advised to have your speakers registered for the event and let them access the Backstage via the link copied from the Event Dashboard.  

Inside the StreamYard Broadcast Studio

Once you enter the StreamYard Broadcast Studio, you will see different areas:

1. Clicking on the StreamYard/RingCentral logo takes you to the reception page of the event.

2. The black screen in the center is where your stream will be shown on the Backstage and how it will look on the main Stage. You can choose different video layouts shown below the screen.

3. Your video card, video cards of other participants as well as screen shares will be shown below the screen. You need to click on the video card to add it to the main stream.

4. The settings at the bottom of your screen allow you to turn on/off your camera and microphone, share your screen or a video file, copy the broadcast studio link, and return to the main event. 

5. On the tab at the right side, you're able to use the Comments area, add banners to the stream, choose from branding options, and access the private chat area.

Adding Speakers to the Screen

When a speaker joins your Backstage studio, they can see and hear everything happening on-stage, but will not be visible or audible on stream or to any other studio participants.

To add them to the screen, hover your mouse over their video card and click Add to stage. They will then appear "on-screen" and be visible/audible to all studio participants and viewers of your Stage stream. In the same way, you can add yourself and screen shares to the screen. 

To remove a speaker or a screen share from screen, you can hover their video card below the screen once again and click Remove. Alternatively, click on the three dots in the top right corner of their card on screen and select Remove from stage.   


Integrated Chat Area

The Comments area allows you to participate in the chat of the broadcast studio. All chats from the broadcast studio are automatically transferred to the main Stage of the event. You can also show comments on the main stream by clicking on the comment inside the broadcast studio.



Also note that the StreamYard Backstage does not have a fully-integrated activity panel. This means that Polls and Q&A are not accessible through the StreamYard Backstage. In order to use the Polls and Q&A, you will need to open up an additional browser tab or window of the front-end of the Stage.

Note: It is important that you mute the second tab of the front-end of the Stage if you are also inside the Backstage to avoid echo and sound feedback from one tab into the other. Double-click on the tab and select Mute. For more information, you can see our guide Echo in Sessions or Stage.

Going Live

Click the Go Live button to begin broadcasting to the main Stage of the event. Note that there will be a 10 second delay to the Stage. 


To stop the broadcast, simply click the Stop Broadcast button.


How do I share content?

In the StreamYard studio, you can share pre-recorded videos or slides and presentations without having to screen share:

  • Inside the studio, click Share at the button of the screen. 
    • If you would like to share a pre-recorded video, click Video file, then select the file from your folder on your computer (MP4 and MOV files). It will automatically be added to the stream (unless you disable this in settings). You can pause, play, scrub through it, and change the layout!Streamyard_share_video.png
    • If you would like to share slides or a presentation, click Slides. You can follow the instructions outlined in this guide for more information.
Note: There is no limit to length or size of file that you can share this way.

You can also utilize the Video Clips feature to easily share videos that are under 10 minutes in length and 200 MB in size. You can see more details in StreamYard's guide Adding videos to your stream.

  • Click the Brand tab.
  • Under Video Clips, click + Add video clip to upload.mceclip0.png


  • Hover over the clip and click + Show to add the clip to the stream.streamyard_show_video_clip.png


  • Hover over the clip and click + Hide to remove the clip from the stream.streamyard_hide_video_clip.png

What happens if the Studio is full?

The RingCentral Backstage powered by StreamYard supports 10 participants at a time. Screen sharing does not count against the total number of people you can have on screen or backstage in your StreamYard studio.

When the StreamYard Studio is full and someone tries to join backstage, they will see the following message:


While the host will see a message that looks like this:


Removing someone from the studio

In order for someone else to join your studio when it's full, the host will have to remove a guest from the studio. To remove a guest, click the 3 dots on their webcam card and click Kick From Studio. Then additional guests can refresh the page to join your broadcast.


If you choose to Ban from the studio, however, you will be asked to require your guests to authenticate. This way, they will have to log in using YouTube and Facebook so then you can ban specific accounts from joining Backstage.


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