Setting up Typeform on the RingCentral platform

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What is Typeform?

Typeform makes collecting and sharing information comfortable and conversational. It's a web-based platform you can use to create anything from surveys to apps, without needing to write a single line of code.

Beautifully designed, asking one question at a time like a real conversation, they are engaging and fun to complete. This combination gives typeforms great completion rates, meaning you can get better and more results.
Find out more on the Typeform Website.

What plans is the Typeform integration available on?

Typeform is available on all RingCentral plans.

What are the capabilities of the Typeform app?

Typeform can be added to the activity panel of any event area (stage, session, expo) so that you can survey your attendees, run Q&As, etc.

How do I set up the Typeform app?

1. To get started, you will need to install the Typeform app to your RingCentral Organization. You can access the app store by going to your Organization Dashboard and heading to the Apps tab. Then click on Discover More on App Store. 

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You can find Typeform under the Polls & Surveys category. Click Install app to add the Typeform app to your Organization.

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2. Navigate to the specific stage, session or expo in your event to which you'd like to add Typeform (Event Dashboard > Venue > Stage/Session/Expo).

3. Scroll down to the "Apps" section of the page, paste the link for your published Typeform, and click Save at the bottom of the page. You can also change the tab name if you wish.

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4. If your event is published, you can preview your event by clicking on the Preview Event button in the top right corner of the screen; you can then navigate to the relevant area for which you have configured Typeform, and it will appear in its own tab on the right hand side.

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