I'm having camera and/or microphone issues on Windows

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In RingCentral Events, you will be prompted to select your Microphone and Camera device so that people can hear and see you at the event, but if you are unable to select your options, it is probably because you need to give browser permissions for RingCentral Events to access your devices.

Note: First, please be sure that you are using Chrome (preferred) or Firefox (backup) and that it is up to date. 

Also, make sure that you are not using any other programs that may be using the camera or microphone such as Google Meet or Zoom. 

If that doesn't work, be sure to give the browser permissions to access your camera and microphone.

Allow camera and microphone in a web browser


  • Click on the padlock icon next to the URL
  • Allow access to Camera and Microphone to by enabling the toggle 

Note: Make sure your camera and microphone are allowed for the https://hopin.com website.

You can also check to see if RingCentral Events has access to your devices by entering the following link to your Chrome browser URL field:


Under Permissions, locate Camera and Microphone. RingCentral Events should be one of the approved sites.


  • Click the video icon in the URL field
  • Choose the Camera and Microphone to share
  • Hit Allow for changes to take effect

Note: Select the 'Remember this decision' tick-box, if you want Firefox to remember your choices for next time. Do not select the 'Remember this decision' tick-box, if you have multiple cameras and microphones and want the flexibility to change this accordingly as and when required.

Third-party Extensions

Sometimes, third-party extensions can affect the experience by blocking some of the RingCentral Events interface elements. That’s why we also recommend opening the event in Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) on Chrome or Private tab (Ctrl+Shift+P) on Firefox.

Turn on app permissions for your microphone and camera

To use your microphone with apps on Windows, you'll need to turn on some permissions in Microphone settings. Then, you'll need to check your app permissions if you want to use your microphone with apps.

- Camera: follow this Microsoft Guide and make sure to select the correct version of Windows.

- Microphone: follow this Microsoft Guide and make sure to select the correct version of Windows.

You may find the following Microsoft guides useful too:

- Windows camera, microphone, and privacy

- App permissions

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