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Q: What is Canvas?

A: Canvas is a tool for organizers to quickly build and launch event websites that are beautifully designed, functional, and captivating for event marketing. This tool allows organizers to easily leverage the framework to capture leads, sell tickets, and gather information leading up to an event. 

Q: Why do we offer this option? 

A: We would like to give flexibility to our customers to express their brand identity through their event registration page. 

Q: What are the core features?

A: Here are a few of the core features that we are sure you will love:

  • Drag & Drop Editor - Intuitive drag and drop editor so you can easily create functional and beautiful event pages using modular blocks. Add speakers, schedules, sessions, sponsors, and expo booths.
  • Fully Responsive - Fully responsive event pages that look great on mobile or desktop.
  • Saving and Publishing - Can draft, edit, save, and publish your event pages so you can iterate with teammates as you build your event pages.

Preference Panel - Manage your layout for your pages (pictures, links, etc.) as well as themes (fonts, colors, etc.).

Q: How do I use this with the main RingCentral Events platform?

A: When creating your event you will have the option to use our default registration tool or Canvas.

Q: Which plans is this available on? How much will it cost?

A: Canvas is available for all paid plans. It's not available on the Free plan.

Q: Why should I use this instead of my own event page builder?

A: Canvas is the only event page builder integrated natively with the RingCentral Events platform so you can spend less time jumping between multiple platforms and websites.

Q: What fonts are available? Can I use my own fonts?

A: Yes! You can now use our Custom Fonts feature to upload your own fonts to further customize your event (Advanced plans only). 

Q: Can I add single-day or multi-day agendas to the page?

A: Yes, you can add single-day or multi-page agendas.

Q: Can I add a sponsors page to my event page?

A: Yes, you can add a block specifically for your sponsor(s).

Q: Do I have to use Canvas or can I still use the old tool?

A: The use of Canvas is completely optional. You can use our default event tool or Canvas to create your event pages.



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